Question Pragmatic Replay broken?


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Mar 25, 2017
Ontario, Canada
This is an interesting situation. I noticed as of over a week ago, a change where all of the pragmatic slots suddenly refused to load when they worked fine before and I use the Firefox extension"NoScript" to protect myself.

It seems like there was a configuration change on the providers end and I had to allow a new website... The issue is that the name of it is gibberish AKA Not Human Readable so I suspect it isn't suppose to be set up this way.

Now to my issue.

I was playing on on a pragmatic slot and I got a great bonus on "Juicy Fruits Multihold". 375x to be exact. Any hit that is over 300x, I like to also create a link to the replay of the round and this is where I run into trouble! Nothing show up!

I can disable "NoScript" for the tab which I did after I noticed it and it made no difference. I also have used Google Chrome where I don't have the extension at all. Nothing!

Here is a screenshot of what I mean on an easy example... SocialTournaments


As you can see above where I highlighted it, if that URL isn't allowed, the slot won't load as the files are stored on that server.

Here is what is shown on with the slot in question loaded.


If somehow it is related to "NoScript" or the web browser in question, here is the "blank Pragmatic Replay" showing in Google Chrome which doesn't have the extension and it proves that it isn't my configuration or anything.


And finally, this screenshot below is my 375x on the game.


Noscript has the ability to show a list of websites that can look up the information of any website and I used it and found nothing out of place on the sites that checked the URL.


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