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Vegas Partner Lounge Online Casinos Expand By Acquiring Golden Riviera Group
Vegas Partner Lounge Online Casinos Incorporate Golden Riviera Group

Online casino giant Vegas Partner Lounge is once again making headlines and expanding growth by purchasing the Golden Riviera Online Casino Group. As from June 2005 the five Golden Riviera Casinos (,,, and and one Poker Room ( will be under the management of Vegas Partner Lounge, however the two casino groups are still to remain two separate entities.

This is a major coup for us says Austin Green, Sun Vegas Casino Manager, The Golden Riviera Group is a well respected group and are exceptionally strong in the European markets. Their casinos have a unique and respected style in the industry and offer some of the best promotions around. Therefore it was a no-brainer that together we could offer players and affiliates so much more.
Green highlights how the Vegas Partner Lounge Group is structured more like a family and Golden Riviera is a welcome addition: Weve grown not only our family of casinos, but our family of staff. From help desk staff, to online marketers, IT specialists, graphic designers and VIP Hosts, our family has nearly doubled. Its very exciting!
The Golden Riviera Group and Vegas Partner Lounge are to remain two separate entities. We decided that each group has its own character, its own style, and players, we want to maintain that individuality comments Green. We have no interest in becoming the largest group of online casinos, wed rather keep the personal touch.
In fact very few players will notice the change.
Were looking at this acquisition more as a merge. The identity Golden Riviera has built over the last few years is what appeals to us, its what we hope to maintain. Resources will be pooled, information shared, and hopefully bonds formed that will ensure both Vegas Partner Lounge and Golden Riviera grow from strength to strength, says Green

The phenomenal growth experienced by Vegas Partner Lounge over the last few years is hard to ignore. Vegas Partner Lounge began as a one online casino operation with at the forefront. With the addition of and it was obvious big things were still to come. The Lounge expanded even further when it took over management and marketing of, and, and then in 2003
2004 saw the introduction of many additional games, and the conversion of all Vegas Partner Lounge Online Casinos to the very latest Viper Software - sporting more games than any other online casino. With the introduction of in September 2004, Vegas Partner Lounge also introduced the Canadian Dollar into the online casino market, showing why they are hailed as the fastest growing casino group.

For more information about Vegas Partner Lounge visit: Outdated URL (Invalid)
Yeah, and now we know why they are in breach of contract with affiliates.

They needed the cash to buy more casinos.

Be interesting to see if Golden Stars will now also be in breach.

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