Power Blackjack


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Jul 26, 2005
Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere but I haven't seen it.
Just had an email from bluesquare about a new blackjack game they have, yes power blackjack. Now rules are pretty similar to normal, 6 decks, stand soft 17, DAS, double any 2, one re-split, one card to split aces, no hole card but some important differences.

If you double down on 9 10 or 11 you get the chance to swap the card you received.

If you are dealt a hard 15 or hard 16 you can split this.

Of course the dealer has to get something back and that is 22s are now pushes. That rule itself add 9.53% to the house edge ! !

I am wondering how much the other rules add and what the overall house edge would be. Would also be interested in a basic strategy for when you should replace your double card and when you should split etc.
Some are pretty obvious I think but others might not bet, if you double 9 against a 6 and are given an 8 should you swap it etc ?
I wonder if Michael Shackleford or anyone else would be able to do a complete rundown of this game ?

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