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Jun 30, 1998
There is a new function that we are now using - "reactions".


Depending on your user group, will be able to utilize these to express your reactions to other's posts. You also will receive points as well for receiving "thanks" and love" - more on that in a minute.

All members can see and use the standard thumbs up "like" button.
When you "like" a post, that person receives 1 "reaction" point.

Full members and above can use the smiley face "Thanks" button. Recipients of these "thanks" receive 5 reaction points.

Full members and above who are also members of the Webmeister or Meister Minions group can use the "Love" smiley face. When you "love" a post, that person receives 6 points.

In the Attic and Screenshot forums, we have the Way to Go button (WTG) back in action there. You receive 1 point for each WTG.

For thanking and loving posts, please use discretion. Thank/love posts that are truly useful and helpful. Do not use these buttons to troll or bully folks - you may find these privileges removed if you do. We had this tool in the past, but some folks were causing a few problems with it. You can read about this here: Thanking Posts

For the funny ha ha emoticon, you receive 1 point. Full members who are Webmeister or Meister Minions or those members above "full" can use these.

The same goes for the wow, sad, and mad icons - but there are no points scored for these.

The way this works is that members can help others gain promotions by those persons' content. As a reminder, the user group promotions are as follows:

Just signed up: registered.
3 or more posts: Newbie
90 days, 50 posts, 50 reaction points = Full Member - as a Full member you can join the Meister Minions and/or Webmeister groups
1 year, 100 posts, 200 reaction points = Experienced member
2 years, 500 posts, 300 reaction points = Senior Member
4 years, 1000 posts, 950 reaction points = Meister Member
7 years, 1500 posts, 1500 reaction points = Ueber Meister
10 years, 2000 posts, 1500 reaction points = Paleo Meister

we will be adding more as we tweak the system a bit.
Am i missing something or is it no longer possible to remove a like once you have made it like you used to be able to do.
It's simpler than it was. You just reclick the emoticon and it goes away.


If I were to reclick that, it would disappear. But I won't :D

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