Possible Scam by someone posing to be from AceClub


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Aug 11, 2005
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On 15/12/05, marketing@aceclubcasino.com <aceclub@casino-champs.com> wrote:

Dear Player,

Santa has come early to Ace Club Casino!

This December we wanted to give you a unique present for Christmas!

A reward from us to you!! To show our appreciation for keeping an active Ace
Club Casino Account.

We are thankful for your loyalty, and that is why we are sharing the good
fortune around this festive period!

We take great delight in treating you to something extra special this

So please reply to this email with your username and you'll get $500 FREE to your player account.


Ace Club Marketing team

I'd like to note the originating e-mail address. Inquiries to their CS say don't respond to it, and they are checking with their marketing team to see if this is legit.

I'm just wondering how they got my e-mail address, and why, if it was a scam, would they only ask for only a username and not a password.

I'm also curious to see if anyone else has gotten this e-mail, as to see how this scammer is harvesting the e-mails.

I would hold on responding pending confirmation that their marketing team was not involved - it wouldn't be the first time that the left hand didn't know what the hell the right hand was doing in an online casino.

On the other hand this could be a phishing attempt - why would the casino need your user name for this type of *gift*?

crovax4444 said:
On 15/12/05, marketing@aceclubcasino.com <aceclub@casino-champs.com> wrote:

Check the email address, that email is from Casino-Champs.com and if you go to their website, it is just a frontend to G-FED software (I assume gambling federation?) with the casino name WINNERS ONLINE CASINO - GFED 2

Overall a shady email/casino/software.

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