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Aug 25, 2004
Bexhill on sea, England
I joined about a week ago - but am having diabolical problems logging in & joining games...

Some days it's fine, but on others logging on is close to impossible - I would say it's only working about 1 in 5 attempts.
And once logged on I have difficulty joining Ring Game tables - again about 1 in 5. Waiting does not work, so I have to log off & on again.

This means is I want a little game of poker I have to be prepared to log on up to 25 times before it works! :(

And since day one I have NEVER been able to get into the tournaments lobby. :eek:
(It just keeps saying "connecting lost. Trying to reconnect" - but never does)

There have been multiple e-mails to & fro support - but they have yet to suggest a reason or a solution that works.

I'm sure it's not 'my end' as I don't have any problems logging in & playing at any other poker rooms or casinos. And it's not my firewall as I have the exact same problem when it is turned off.
I also get the same problem whether using the download or flash software.

Anyone out there in CasinoMeisterLand had the same problem?
More importantly - anyone know how to fix it???

I have just had a look at their site and I can see the following possible explanations.

1) Their software security package blocks duplicate IP addresses from joining the same table. This will be a problem if you share an IP address by any means, even if it is the fault of your ISP. This might be a particular problem with cable broadband that uses a non-standard method of communicating. (Such as NTL). This can cause your own IP address to be replaced with an NTL proxy IP, which might differ from packet to packet during a session. (I have had this explanation from another casino tech support). The only way round it is to find out how your ISP allocates you to the best proxy and hard code one in your connection options.

2) They use browser tracking cookies to prevent player fraud/collusion. Even with firewalls turned off, browsers such as IE may not have the correct settings for this to work. The best bet is to insert all the poker related URLs into the "trusted sites" zone, and give this zone free reign with cookies etc.
(Surprised support didn't at least spot this one!)

3) Use a different browser altogether. I can never use Chartwell with IE, but it works OK with Netscape, and thus presumably will with Firefox. This solution may also work for the software powering this poker room.

4) Join a different poker room

5) Retire from playing poker online:D
Vinyl... you are a fricking GENIUS! :notworthy

I connect to the net via Pipex - and I could not understand why I was having this problem - until I read your post.

On the basis of what you said, I disconnected from my Pipex broadband & used good old BT dial up... you guessed it - it worked perfectly!
I have seen their Tournament lobby for the first time - AT LAST!!! :thumbsup:

And their so called 'support' people have not even hinted that the ISP could be the problem.

What can I say? A million thanks matey! :thumbsup:
Now save money.

Since broadband is usually fixed fee ask Pipex support if they know of a workround that will enable IP checking software at the remote server to see your true IP, or at least a static one throughout an entire session. I believe Pipex is over the phone line rather than cable as my Uncle once had them.
No point in paying Pipex, and 1p to 4p a minute to BT just for poker.
I have wondered how many problems I have had are ISP related, but at present I believe it is related to Mr Gates screwing us around with those dodgy patches. Patch MS05 - 002 last January was faulty, and had to be rereleased later in the year. It prevented Flash from working properly among other things. Loads of "sweet little brats" could no longer log onto Polly Pocket Neopets etc and gave their parents merry hell. Parents then gave Bill merry hell and the patch was withdrawn. Many users seem to advocate getting rid of IE altogether, and migrating solely to the likes of Firefox.

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