Poker Complaint Pokerihuone withhold cents from all players


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Nov 3, 2007
If you wish to withdraw your money from Pokerihuone (Entraction network), be warned that they will only pay you your balance rounded down to the nearest euro. No big deal for individuals, of course, but potentially a big deal for Pokerihuone as all those cents must add up to a sizeable sum.

Here is my email correspondence with them:

I understand that you can only transfer the full amount including cents manually?
I wish to withdraw my full balance of €29.63 to my Moneybookers a/c.


Thank you for contacting our Customer Support Service and allowing us to be of assistance.
Please request your Moneybookers withdrawal manually from Cashier. You
will be able to withdraw €29. We only perform manual payouts for
those who experience technical problems with withdrawing funds.


I have a technical problem. I wish to withdraw €29.63 but the system will only allow €29. Please process the withdrawal of €29.63 manually.


Please note that unfortunately we are not experiencing any technical problems with the withdrawal function. In order to request the withdrawal correctly, please make a withdrawal of 29 EUR to your Moneybookers so we can process it as soon as possible.


The technical problem is a permanent one, not a temporary one. The Entraction software does not allow withdrawal of exact sums of money including cents. Whether that is bad, clever, stupid or devious design is open to debate. It allows me to withdraw €29.00 maximum. You are
holding €29.63 of my money and I wish to withdraw my full €29.63. I do
not feel that this is an unreasonable request.

Out of interest, what do Pokerihuone do with all the unwithdrawable
fractions of a Euro remaining on all their customers' and ex-customers'
accounts? It must total up to a reasonable sum.

I'd appreciate it if you'd process this withdrawal for me.


Unfortunately, we will not be able to process manual withdrawal this
time. Please rest assured that all remaining funds at your gaming
balance will stay there. We thank you for understanding.


Please pay €29.63 to Moneybookers Please note that the "round amounts" restriction is imposed by the software for automatic withdrawals only. If you are making a manual withdrawal for me then you are physically able to withdraw the full amount of €29.63. If you are not aware of this, then please double-check your information before making the transaction.

Should you still choose to pay me only €29.00 then please go ahead and pay that, but I will deem that you are withholding the balance of my money against my wishes and I reserve the right to take the matter further.


So I, like 99% of Pokerihuone withdrawing customers (those without round sum balances), am left with an unwithdrawable, unusable (less than minimum buy-in or wager) balance on my account. Whilst it is very reassuring that my funds will stay there, I can't help feeling that I would have preferred to actually have my money in my pocket. Oh well! I guess I have the non-conjugal visits to look forward to. I'll probably log in once a month and stare longingly at my once beautiful money sitting there until eternity, unused and ageing, in Pokerihuone's coffers. :rolleyes:


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Apr 2, 2007
Why not just deposit additional €10.37 and then submit a withdrawal of €40? ;)

But to be serious: I think it's bad practice to withhold cents. What to do with players' money can decide only players!