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Jan 18, 2003
Hi to all !

I wanted to ask the Casinomeister's community if they want to share their experiences about some online casinos. :)

I run an internet gambling guide (I will not post the url here - I don't want to spam this forum) and I have a great feature that allows the visitors to post their comments and rate the listed casinos. This feature is simple to use (and automatic) however we will do that manually this time (to avoid spamming here...)

In this way I look to build a complete guide where users' opinions are the most important.

So if you want to share your experiences about this online casinos :

- Blackjack Ballroom ; Virtual City ; River Belle ; Slot Land ; Silver Vegas ; Roman Casino ; Casino Tropez ; Club Dice ; Captain Cooks ; Casino On Net.

Then just send me one or more comments for these listed casinos (good or bad) and a rating between 0 - 5 (5 is the best) at this e-mail : I will then e-mail you the URL to see where your comments will be posted.

Thanks a lot to all will participate in this. Thanks also for reading ! :)

Best regards,

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"Babysister", thanks for your input. Please tell me here if you have received my response e-mail from hotmail, because I am not in confidence with this e-mail system (hotmail).

Please use the email address I have put at the end of the message for future reference/contact.

:cheers: Well to answer your question maxfalcon, I've tested many of the "Top" Casinos...And I was very :flamemad: }}disappointed to find out that these "Best" casinos have such poor service!!! which really doesnt pay or never answers...

And its good that your doing this search, before stepping in...I cam across a newbiee. Nostalgia Casinos But its been great, Great Service, Paysout everyday... Theres alot more I can say!!!

Lynda :yes:
Hmmmm... very strange response.

The listed casinos are REALLY the best. They are not perfect, sure, but they are the most renowned. I have study hundred of gambling websites before having selected at least one casino.

For example, I list some Casino Rewards casinos. They have the best VIP points club, and a very good customer service and retention ratio. They are high-quality casinos, such as BlackJack Ballroom Casino.

SlotLand and Captain Cooks have also an incredible customer support (see this URL :
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You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

I am very surprised by your response.

I can appreciate good or bad comments, but that... Blackjack Ballroom don't pay ? don't answer questions ? SlotLand a poor service customer ? Don't pay too ? I have never heard about that.)

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lynlynlu is nothing but a SPAMMER.

Disregard ANY post from her.

Besides... lynlynlu sounds like the name of
a Panda in the Zoo.

lynlyn, are you a Panda?? :D
Thanks mrracetrack. I was very surprised by this response. I have think of about that, but I don't wanted to post any bad comments on this user here. I understand more now. He just wanted to hurt my credibility.
It's not even that , Max - this is simply the spammer queen from hell and to make it worse she is clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

She has been a really busy spammer-bee the past forty eight hours posting her rather crude material for Nostalgia all over the message boards. Judging by the growing reaction to her stuff I wouldn't think the casino manager over there would be too happy with her conduct at all.
:wtf: Its funny to see how in a forum you are not able to post your comments or thoughts as I had thought, for that is what a forum is made for... And what you had asked...
But If you want to hear how good, Slotland and Captin Cooks casino is, then don't ask which Casino we think best has treated us... Though I would agree with you when it comes to Blackjack Ballroom...

When a Casino has Testimonials on their website... Come'on we weren't born yesterday, How would we ever know that those were real people, when you have service to show how they just go back on their "word".... Its sad Its sad!!!!

If you would of read the posting Mr racetrack at the end it states my name... :crazy:

You know, I come from an association of gambling webmasters, the GPWA, and we are about 1,000 members.

We are working closely together. We are working directly with the casinos, and when something is wrong about a casino we instantly know it (the word spread very fast on internet).

The listed casinos I have on my website are the most renowned. And if you read, lynlynlu, at some CasinoMeister topics (the website where you are posting), you can see that SlotLand, Captain Cooks, River Belle and the others are in the "Recommended list". And CasinoMeister is one of the most reputable internet gambling guide. Its owner is very aware of the rogue casinos.

So don't bother again us with your posts - we don't need the kind of people like you.

I agree that all the casinos are not perfect. But nothing is perfect in life.

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Once again as I had stated before, a Forum is for comments and anything else you might want to bitch or praise about... If I am not correct??

And the fact that Casino Meisters Recommended list has them as he gets paid to do so... Does not mean that all these casinos are "Top" casinos
though I will have to agree with River Belle...

And if life was to be perfect, It would not be called life!!!

Lynda :axeman:
To wager I understand you must be atleast 21. And that this post is for all gamblers, no Mr Racetrack???
Okay that's about enough.

Lynda, if you have anything specific to say about Slotland, Captain Cooks, or any other casino for that matter, be specific. The recommended list here at Casinomeister is specifically that; the casinos that I highly recommend. Reasons? Read for yourself the criteria. I have also met face to face with a majority of the operators as well as their software providers. What "portal" operator does that may I ask? So don't go giving me this shit that these people merely pay me.

By the way, tell "wareman" to quit hogging your computer so damn much; you two have the identical IP address. I would almost be tempted to say that you are using this forum for some retarded agenda. This ain't your playground.

Don't mess around here, and consider this a warning.

lynlynlu (The Panda) stated... "To wager I understand you must be atleast 21. And that this post is for all gamblers, no Mr Racetrack???"

As the Casinomeister stated "This ain't your playground."

You, and the other idiot,"wareman", can't really be as stupid or cluelass as you appear.

There are specific forums here, to post "Casino Promos" in. Not hard to find at all.

I have registered a complaint to the "Nostalgia"
group of casinos, informing them of your blatant
SPAMMING of this, and numerous other forums.

You remind me of 1CNP vermin. Did you used to promote them?? :wtf:

Your annoying SPAM does a disservice to a casino that needs all the "good publicity" it can get,
given the poor reputation RTG casinos have attained over the past two years.
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So, we've got lynlynlu, wareman and 1bigwinner which makes three.

Which makes me think of an old Three Stooges short movie. They were "Morons from the planet Moronia".

I hereby nomimate the "panda", "wareman" and "1bigwinner" as replacements for the originals if they ever do a remake.


Mr R....the panda....too funny!

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