Playtechs new casino ?


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Aug 15, 2005
vienna; munich

anyone who knows : Go Casino

find them today going to playtechs site

good/bad experiences ?
usually cashout system of playtechs ? (4-7 days...)

would be great to hear something



I'm pretty sure Go Casino is just one of the Casino Blasters casinos ... Golden Palace is their most widely known sister casino.

If not, they've got the same bonus offer and website layout as GP.
Go Casino is from Allstars - and yes, that os a sister of Casino Blaster.

There are a bunch of others in the Allstar group, and they have been around for a while. None of them have had any negative publicity that I am aware of.
GO... Don't GO... Just so you know...

I'd say that all Casino Blasters casino's have great bonuses with very low playthrough requirements. They're easy to contact, and have good response time.

In my experience with this group, that's the end of the good stuff (although, that all sounds like great stuff, but somehow it isn't). Around the time that I decided to make my move to MG casino's (almost a year ago now), I had made a bunch of deposits at all of this affiliates casino's (something like 12-15 of them if I remember correctly). I knew about the bad stuff at Golden Palace, but was still willing to give this group a shot. had so many of them pop up all at once. Having lost at each one WITH those great bonuses (Great, GREAT bonuses... Oh yeah, aren't they pretty much all phantom bonuses?) AND with the playthrough requirements, made me rethink about PlayTech altogether. I had only played VP, and I lost swiftly on EACH account!:eek: I don't think I made it 20% over my dep.+bonus at any time. I thought I was cursed.

IF you do win (as I'm sure there must be others who've cracked-the-code and have won something at these casino's), your 1st withdrawal should take anywhere from 4-6 weeks IF you stay on top of things. You'll need to send your personal ID, and they won't be able to read it the 1st time, then you'll have to re-send it again, the EXACT same way, and they'll be able to miraculously understand what was sent. However, after that 1st withdrawal, things go more "smoothly" after that.

When I initially joined Casinomeister, I was dead-set against all PlayTech's and personally, for great reasons. But, I would endorse Bet365 and Diamond Deal (amongst a few others). PlayTech's from top-to-bottom should and could be so much better. Back in the dark-ages of online gaming, I used to wonder why so many people preferred MG over PT. I happen to like their software, and availability of their customer support (not their withdrawal times though). I'm surprised more posters don't speak favorably (or at all) about Bet365, considering people love prompt payouts.
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do not GO there, after being given the run around with your cashout (presuming you have one) with phony excuses, they will then tell you that you part of fraud ring and they are investigating you and as such your cash-out is suspended.
not go


thank you very much for the helpful informations

i will defintely not start playing at Casino Go,
besdie the fact, i did not know before, that they belong to casino blasters, i have made yesterday my first bad experience with Go

i have mailed them and asked a few things, like % bonuses, wagering requirements, cashout time, id docs and so on

you guess it: no reply since more than 35 h ...

i am not so stupid, to purchase money in such a casino, seems the same like Golden Palcae, although i have never purchased and played at them

but the bad reputies in this forum are enough for me

thanks again, i will try diamond deal now...


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