Question Playtech download slots not working with winodws 10 updates ???


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Jan 21, 2013
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hey guys

i was using windows 10 and playing playtech download casinos without any problem

but now a days i cant play the slots form download version as the game wont load

i tried everything updated java flash and all ... and reinstalled casino etc

some times after the games loaded the feature don't start

support said an update regarding windows is causing this

so any one come across this any solution

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Oct 14, 2004
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Buggy clients can be a right pain in the ass. I should know, I've been playing MG Viper downloads since 2004:D

Windows 10, indeed any new Windows OS, has created issues for players, but usually these sort themselves out after a while once Microsoft sort out the early teething problems. It looks like Windows 10 may be a little different in that having begun to work well with casinos, it's now getting broken again with the updates, and the major difference with Windows 10 is that users can't resolve such issues by rolling back and not installing the update responsible for the problem (unless having the premium, not home, variants).

Try this possible remedy:-;)

1) Uninstall the download client
2) Use CCleaner to clean out cache and temporary files.
3) Download and install replacement accredited casino:D

In my early days, I did play a couple of accredited Playtech casinos like Kiwi and Fast Win. This was on Windows 98SE. I also played Microgaming Viper and Thumper clients. I recall that the playtech clients would often freeze for no reason mid spin, and required forcibly shutting down via Task manager. However, in those days Windows 98SE was the mainstream OS, XP was on it's way, and I didn't bother with the short lived dead end that was Windows Me or with Windows 2000.