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Dec 14, 2003
Does anyone out there play online to win and withdrawl money from their casino account on a regular basis? I have started to look at online gambling as maintenance. I play a little every day till I plan a trip to my local casino. I don't trust online casinos 100%. I think the whole online gambling experience is flat compared to actually going out and being there. I know the odds are against you in both respects but the convenience of just logging right on is so hard to resist if find it hard to withdrawl my money and walk away because I'm just going to play again a few days later. I guess I should just look at online gambling as entertainment then but I still wouldn't mind winning a few bucks here and there. Don't get me wrong, I dont spend large amounts of money on gambling but I almost feel a little guilty that I have to play on line in order to pass the time till I can get out to my local casino again. My bottom line is atleast when I go to my local casino I feel like I have a chace to win some money and feel like I'm not going to be cheated (atleast outright) Does anyone want do share their opinion with me so I gain some insight in order to put my mind at ease. Thanks for listening.
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