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Jul 26, 2002
Dorothy's Casino is proud to be a member of the Player Protection Program. This is a truly innovative program that provides customers the peace of mind that Dorothy's Casino provides from a protection policy on each player account.

Backed by our software provider (Worldwide Support, Ltd.), the program supplements the ongoing commitment that we ensure each customer with a dependable gaming and financial environment. All players' winnings are protected and guaranteed from the moment you sign up at Dorothy's Casino. There is NO cost to the's automatic that you are covered when you sign up at the casino.

You can find out more about the program when you click on the PPP button on Dorothy's Casino's HOME page for a quick over-view.

Player Protection Program...a safer way to play!

Please visit us at:
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Hello Darcy and congratulations on your joining the WWS self-insurance scheme - it is a step in the right direction in case another Futurebet casino bites the dust like Rumbles and Black Rhino.

However, seeing as you have taken the trouble to post here why not tell us all about this scheme? WWS/Futurebet seem to be a little coy about providing the following information:

Which casinos are on it?

Is there a cost to participating casinos?

Is it true that the amount for which each player account is underwritten is $5 000?

How is that underwriting fund structured? Is it part of WWS/Futurebet capital structure or are the guarantee funds held in an independent account?

Who controls the payouts in the event of a Futurebet casino going south?

What happens if Futurebet itself gets into cash problems?

These questions have been asked on other fora but have not yet been answered by Mr. Mills and company?

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