I don't see PKR listed on the accredited list, nor the rogue list - anyone got any (good or bad) information on them?


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Yep - they're the BEST!!! :thumbsup:

I only say that because their 3D, real characterisation avatars and settings are totally out of this world - as good as any game console software. Truly awesome IMHO.

I have played any many poker sites over the years, but PKR is way out in front for me.
The only down side is there's virtually no Omaha Hi/Lo action, and the download takes literally hours! (Unless you have very fast broadband).

It's the only site I play at these days.



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I would say they are OK, not great. The site is fun, graphics are amazing plus customisation etc is great for your character etc, definately some good plus points there. Also although they can sometimes take a few days longer than the likes of pokerstars ive never heard of a player not being paid by PKR poker room. I remember them behaving kinda rogueish in the casino sometimes tho.

If you are a low roller then there will be plenty of fun poker games for you. Medium stakes and up they struggle for traffic although you will get action sometimes. The worst bit about the site is the exchange rates they use. They rip off all their customers on this - you can avoid this if you have neteller or moneybookers in USD.

Overall I would say you have to try this room out, I have played there a bit and my experience was always good and fun. Make sure and go through an affiliate who will give you 30% rb.


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As I am a recreational player I have found PKR to be a good place to play. Good graphics and plenty of micro-stakes games, giveaway games and freerolls to play. Not the best place to play if you are a serious grinder tho' as multi-tabling really slows down your pc.
Deposits and cashouts, in my experience, have been fast and problem free (using paypal).
Support is not the best imo. E.g, English only allowed in the chat but this rule is rarely, if ever, enforced allowing a whole range of languages to be used during games. Also verbal abuse towards other players, including racist remarks rarely gets punished. But you can easily turn chat off anyway so not the biggest of problems.
Overall a fun place to play for low stakes, recreational players.


Tried it, it's not for me.

Well I downloaded the software earlier to have a blast and have to say, it's not for me.
I think the fact you have countless things to say and do actually detracts from the poker itself. I was only there about an hour and found half the players on every table I was on spent the majority of time messing about and loling, rofling and basically just being dicks.

I play at $0.25/$0.50 and $0.50/$1 tables but it was really hard to find a game I could settle down and play it. As threescatters said; traffic at my level and up was slim.

I'm not dissing the place though - there were thousands of low rollers and countless full tables so it obviously has a market, but I think I'll stick to a simple picture avatar to represent me at the table.

It's a shame though, because the download was so bloody long, as KK said :D


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Interesting as I sort of lost interest in playing poker online at all when they started chatting. That was a few years back of course and it drove me right to the slots where I've been ever since. and No talking! lol

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