Picking the correct software


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Hi Guys

I am assisting a client pick the right poker software. I would love to hear your appinions as to which software is leading the pack regarding usability, game play etc... etc...

Much appreciated :thumbsup:


I assume you mean poker platforms.

The #1 software IMO is Pokerstars. Ultimate Bet, Party Poker and Full Tilt have great software as well. Pokerstars is the best overall, Party Poker is the fastest, Full Tilt has a great layout, Ultimate Bet is fast as well and has other features. Sending your player to any of these 4 should make them happy.

Party and Stars have great games up to 3/6 and $100 NL. Full Tilt has average games and UB tends to have tighter games.

If your player is a tournament player Poker Stars is by far #1. The only thing I dislike about their tournament software is their SNG lobby which is being redeveloped.


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PokerStars and FullTilt both have absolutely phenomenal support, whereas party's support is beyond pathetic.