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May 3, 2006
I was thinking of depositing at party bingo. You can get a $300 bonus by depositing $500 (combines the win200 and igm pay bonus). what is the best strategy for completing the $4800 wagering requirement without going bust?
For me the answer was to play slots and video poker with the deposit and use the 500 free cards to help bolster that play. There's a 10x wr on the deposit bonus but I have confirmed that bingo winnings on the free cards do not have any wr. So the $35 or so that I won on bingo went directly into slot play.

That said the video poker is really weird so you gotta use autohold to stand a chance.

Finally, it all boils down to luck on both bingo and slots. At one point I was down to a balance of $.06 but stayed alive just long enough to hit $50 and ended up cashing out a bit over $100.
Here is the fine print behide PartyBingo

Here is the fine print behide PartyBingo
I can say to this day out of all Bingo you can trust PartyBingo is one of them All Bingo Sites do have bugs and they are all not perfect.

The offer:

200% bonus on your first deposit of $25 or more. The maximum bonus available is $200.

How to get this bonus:


This bonus is available on your first real money deposit of $25 or more.
Only one bonus can be taken per deposit.
The maximum bonus available is $200.
If you choose to accept a bonus, before you can cash out you must a) wager the deposit amount plus the bonus a certain number of times in a certain time period or b) spend your deposit and bonus amount so that you have $5 (or less) remaining. You need to play this deposit and bonus amount at least ten times. You will be able to cash out within 24 hours of these requirements having been met.
The play requirements for players from Israel, Poland, Denmark and China for all bonus codes are 15 times the deposit plus bonus amount unless otherwise stated.
The bonus will be removed from the account if the wager restrictions listed above are not met within three months of sign up.
To protect the vast majority of honest players, reserves the right to exclude individual players from promotions or suspend cashouts if we suspect abuse, fraudulent or suspicious play or if a player's account is in bad credit.
If there is any discrepancy, the Hall Manager's decision will be final and binding.

The offer:

Youll automatically receive three free scratchcards when you make a first deposit of $25 or more. Each scratchcard will contain a FREE bingo card prize (for 50-cent, Dime and/or Nickel rooms). You will receive 500 free bingo cards in total over three days.
Your first prize scratchcard will be available on the day of your first deposit (until 11.59pm).
Your second prize scratchcard will be available on the day after your first deposit (from midnight to 11.59pm).
Your third prize scratchcard will be available on the third day after your first deposit (from midnight to 11.59pm)

How to pick up your scratchcard:

Make your deposit of $25 or more and then click the scratchnwin button in the bingo lobby to view your scratchcard. Scratch off the panel to reveal your free card prize for that day. Your free cards will be added to your account instantly.

How to use your free card prizes:

Free cards are always used before your money is used, or any cards you bought in advance/in bulk. So if you have free cards for a room (e.g. Dime, Nickel or 50-cent), go to that room and purchase cards as normal - no money will be debited, until you have used up all your free cards.

To check how many free cards you have available:

Log in and go to My Account and select Bulk Purchase History. Select Nickel, Dime or 50-cent room, then press submit. It will show how many free cards you have for that room.

Important: the free card prizes you reveal must be used in the subsequent 30 days, otherwise the value of the free cards given may be subtracted from your account.

And please if you find a Bingo that is 100% good please let me know.
I know many that have won at PartyBingo

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