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Mar 5, 2005
I have never played at such a crooked casino in my life. I took advantage of their free money deposit and actually was funding my Neteller account to deposit there. I hit a streak on blackjack with the bonus, met the requirements to cash out with no problems, filled out their certification forms to "speed up" the withdrawal request and lo and behold here are copies of some of the emails I received from them:

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.


This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
Unable to deliver message to the following recipients, due to being unable to connect successfully to the destination mail server.

These two emails were repeated a total of 4 times.
they tell you to contact playersecurity@palace of chance. There is no such address, always fails to deliver, as does the customer service address, as do the individual addresses that they give you who I am sure are ficticious names. They also NEVER answer their phone support number and live chat support is NEVER available.

Please do not deposit there, I thought RTG casinos had gotten their crap together and were becoming reputable again. Apparently, I was wrong.
palace of chance

About two weeks ago I downloaded and played the $10 n/d offer at Palace of Chance having never played online casinos before (mainly poker rooms) and playing the VP got dealt 4 aces in the 1 cent 50 or 100 hand game. Needless to say it gave me the bankroll to finish the play requirements and cash out. I spoke to their customer service on 2/28 and they asked for a faxback form and ID etc.. on 3/1 i got everything together e-mailed it (per their instructions) and called back. The woman I spoke to informed me that they were no long the C.S. reps for the company and that the updated info would be available on their website within a few days. I sent numerous e-mails asking what had happened for a few days and gave up until yesterday the support department contacted me via e-mail that they recieved the faxback, the withdrawl had been processed and everything had gone through. The e-mail headers all show the same marketing group you'd mentioned and I looked up their website, there is a 1-800 number to contact the marketing group if it helps. As I said the request was made on 2/28 and yesterday, 3/8, i recieved an e-mail at 6:55 p.m est saying they recieved the faxback and were forwarding it to the appropriate department and this morning, 3/9, i recieved an e-mail from support saying that the request was approved and being processed. Likewise I think the C.S. rep not telling me on 2/28 that at midnight they would no longer be representing them on 3/1 was a bit shady and I have been watching this site to see if anyone else had problems with it, however given the e-mails yesterday and today it may very well be that they outsourced a new C.S. department or something and it was a transitional thing. I don't like the fact that I had no info and could not contact them myself, despite such a menial request as I had made, however I will not be playing there again with these actions. In closing my advice is send support ( an e-mail as I find this e-mail is in fact still active and wait. Good luck in your endeavors.


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By the way I still have not had the withdrawl hit my neteller acct. 10 days later
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I just went ahead and called the toll free number at and explained that their name was in the headers from the e-mails from POC casino and they put me in touch with someone who explained that my withdrawl had been approved and if it is not in my neteller account now it should be tomorrow. If anyone needs to contact the casino this is one way, another is 1-800-262-5515. Hope this helps anyone who needs it.

palace of chance

I just recieved the funds in my neteller. Again, the support people I spoke to contacting them through were friendly and helpful, it was ridiculously slow paying and I did not like the abrupt change in C.S. reps or the way it was handled but from what I have seen there were no malicious intentions, just a serious lack of communication. Again, anyone needing to contact them can do so at the 1-800 number at and tell them you are trying to get in touch with support at the casino.

So I deposited here as part of their NEWPALACE signup bonus.

However, because I'm an idiot, I entered the code of T8RET instead, which excludes blackjack.

100% bonus up to $333. 15x(D+B) wagering requirement on many games, 10x on some others, 12x on Red Dog.

So I gambool it up playing Red Dog, and finished the wagering requirement with over $2800.

So I request a cashout for $2500 (the max allowable in one cashout) and send in the fax-back form.

So after about 5 days they deny the cashout. When I ask them why, they say that I have not completed the wagering requirement. They start explaining the wrong bonus (NEWPALACE instead of T8RET), and they they were quoting the wrong wagering requirements (15x instead of 12x), and I had to actually read the info to them from the site. Anyhow, they agree with me ("you are 100% right"), they apologize for the confusion, and tell me to re-request the cashout.

Anyhow, today, another 5 days later, they deny the cashout again. I tried calling them, but they are not answering the phones. No answer, no machine or VM, it just rings for 65 seconds and then disconnects. Super duper.

P.S. The number is 888-262-5515, not 800.

They gave me back my deposit + winnings, but they kept the $333 bonus.

I had played about $1K of blackjack before realizing that it did not count towards theb bonus, so I completed the wagering from scratch on Red Dog. According to them I was "not supposed to play blackjack", therefore they were seizing the bonus, and told me I was lucky that they did not seize my winnings as well. According to the T&C of the bonus, it says that blackjack is excluded in that it does not count towards the bonus, but it says nothing that requires it be avoided all together.

Cheating and stealing, IMHO.
not curran i believe.

The email when palace of chance changed owners said it has been merged with coolcat casino. Also clubplayer has merged with coolcat. I believe coolcat is not a Oliver Curran operation.

However coolcat is not a good operation either. I myself have had several delays and excluses on withdrawals, and i have heard some other complaints of the group aswell.

It is so nice that all the better rtg operations are switched to somewhat rogue/slow paying operators.


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