Paddy Power closing account with no explanation.

Mr Shine

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Oct 30, 2012
PP are not accredited here and the big reason is because they're so big they don't need Casinomeister, they're not some fly by night outfit.

That's why, after 11 years with them, with well over £10M turnover on casino games, it's shocking that they've shut down my account, and unless IBAS help me out they're keeping my £300 balance. They have not given any reason other than a link to clause

8.27. Following termination or suspension of your account, the Trustee will, in the normal course of events, return any funds in your account to you in accordance with the Trust Deed. However, we reserve the right to notify the Trustee to withhold the funds in your account from you pending the determination of any investigation (including any relevant external investigation) where:
8.27.1. we suspect you have acted in breach of these Terms of Use or any other agreement relevant to your activities on our site, including where we suspect the account has been linked with fraudulent or ‘suspicious betting’ activity (explained in Clause 9); and/or
8.27.2. we have to notify the Trustee to withhold the funds in your account by law or to comply with any advice, request or instruction from any governmental, regulatory or enforcement authority.

Any questions about how this actually applies to me get a brick wall. Absolutlly shocking behaviour from one of the grand dames of UK+I bookmaking.

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