Casino Complaint Paddy Power - unfinished game unresolved for 1 month


Dormant account
Oct 23, 2015
Can't find a Paddy Power rep, hence the post.

Had a glitch with Jack Hammer Mobile almost a month ago whilst playing on Paddy Power. Couldn't get the game to reload and customer support supposedly referred it to the provider. Multiple emails later, asking for an update and getting promises that it will be resolved in a few days, and still nothing.

It's an inconsequential sum as well, but a rip off nonetheless. Very surprised by the attitude seeing as I've had similar issues in the past on other websites that appeared more shady upfront, and never any issues resolving this quickly.

My suggestion - stay away.


Threatening behaviour - PITA
Oct 13, 2014
n ireland
I have pm'd you the email of my vip contact at paddy power, he's very good and i'm sure will sort it for you


Multiple forum accounts - flaming and being a PITA
Apr 28, 2014
Listen mate. I've had similar issues with some games, even to the degree that hundreds of $$$ of winnings vanished, without logs or any proof. If it wasn't for a chat stUffer actively viewing my game play at the time and opening his mouth saying he saw that then I'm sure it would never be fixed not error acknowledged. Ever since the introduction of mixed provider and browser game systems I've seen over 5 system errors and failors. I've lost free games on last push of credits. I've lost all winnings resulting from free spin features. I've lost several deposits that failed to register yet removed from my card. I've seen promotional material disappear and staff have no record of any such bonus offers yet offers where in my account. I've seen bonuses be denied claiming no such offers have ever been sent to any player and then having major bleed with management demanding they log directly into my account. I've seen many thing mAte. And every time your considered a dinner making up story's just to get some bonus. ND WHEN IT'S ALL OVER, AFTER MANY WEEKS TECH AND PROVIDER indicate yes there aS a glitch, don't expect a sorry or be reimbursed or have My claim to what offer or game bonus you I'd a vIable at the time of error. The multi platform casino model isn't to be trusted.