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Aug 25, 2013
roscommon ireland
Tried to post this in the correct thread but would not allow for some reasob.

Anyway i placed a 10 euro bet this morning with PP that Tom Scudamore would ride 1 winner or more at Plumpton today.
I placed the bet before i even knew how many rides he had so i then popped over to check his rides and noticed he had 3 of which two were outsiders and one was fancied so i went back to PP and had another 10 Euro bet.
The odds were enhanced from 8/1 to 12/1 so it was very generous.
Turns out it should have been that price for him to ride 2 or more winners and it was an error by them.
After he won on his first ride i was expecting to collect a decent payday but they settled the bet at 7/4.
All i got back from their chat was it was an error and they have the right to change prices.
Fair enough but surely an e-mail to their customers to explain this after they noticed the error would have been the decent thing to do.
Very annoyed they have not even offered any free bets as a sorry.
Anything like this happened to anyone else.

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Yes. I've spotted error prices before. They usually come with a similar reply to yours.

Tough shit basically is all they tell you. And that they reserve the right to amend pricing errors as per their t&Cs.

Sucks but that's my experience anyway
Paddy Power can bite a big one. This is one of these behemoth mega corporations that don't give a flying rat's ass about any player community - or players for that matter. Might as well take your date out to Mcdonald's for an anniversary meal. That is a just analogy - that's pretty much it.

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