Origin of industry Scammers?


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Jun 15, 2007
That would be very difficult to work out. It would be dangerous to state a site incase of any legal backlash. End of story really.

I saw this wonderful site.

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What i have heard is it is owned by Tony G and his entourage.

They own pokernews.com

Apparently pokernetwork.com is linked to ongame

If heard that ongame have a member of the board on Kanhawake.

Pokernews now own Pokeraffiliateprograms. Enter their forums and you will get slapped in the face with Absolute poker Banners (The disgraced site, for good reason)

AP is rumured to have a majority ownership from pokernews.com. Apparently their cellmates regulate them, they laugh at your expense (just my guess)

The newly outed scam group T6 (speculation) as indicated by a national newspaper, is supported by tony g

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read the comments to evaluate for yourself, but tony g, with a site under his own name left a trail of debts, player and affiliate alike. I can testify to that. He may have done the big sorry gesture in the forums and promised to refund money but there was no email. We had to search for it

As you can see, T6 is Tony g's, pokenews latest venture. It is not highly recommended. I know nothing of that. I only read 1000's of unsatisfied customers complaints. Read the moderated comments from the link above to judge for yourself.

If you look through this forum you will find a fell tells that most work within the industry

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Watch out for the T6 Banner. I will leave out Pokerstars staff for another day, but I will add photos.

I am speculating but it looks like a breeding ground for scammers. This is merely an observation.

I am biased after the harrassment i received from ongame/pokernetwork/pokernews/PAW (now pokeraffiliateprograms) but this company/ies & their associates may be untrustworthy.

As amanda letterman (Pokernews) stated in an interview to JJProdigy "ZeeJustin is one of use, lets not talk about that"


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Feb 22, 2001
I have no dog in this fight, but I can tell you that during ICE I had a long discussion with Ken Arnold, the chairman of Cyberarts, which took over the T6Poker software provision after an absolute debacle with the former provider.

In the weeks before our discussion there had been a lot of adverse publicity on the initial T6 launch and subsequent bugger-up when the software couldn't handle the volume of signups that the entrepreneur was apparently creating.

There were also doubts expressed about the youthful Swedish entrepreneur behind T6, Torben Hubertz, and the big financial numbers he was talking in various media interviews.

So I was pretty sceptical going into the discussion.

The high profile Hubertz is a sharp marketer who has ambitious plans for T6 as a poker room, a network and as a white label supplier.

The young entrepreneur talks in the millions and doubts had been expressed on his ability to deliver.

Arnold to some extent addressed those doubts when he told me that big, six figure bank transfers required to set up T6 from scratch in Europe in a very constrained time frame running into the festive season last year were honoured without a problem, indicating that the funding was there.

Where that money comes from, I don't presently know.

Cyberarts was approached by Hubertz after his initial run at online poker foundered when his first choice of provider proved completely unsatisfactory.

Just when most of Europe was starting to shut down for the festive season, Hubertz approached Arnold with the T6 project and a 1st January deadline for a fully operational system capable of easily upward scalability to handle very large numbers of simultaneous players.

Working through the Christmas holiday, Arnolds team was able to complete the extensive project, including the procurement and setting up of a major server operation, and he claimed that by late January (when I spoke with him) the T6 poker room was rapidly gaining traction with encouraging numbers of registrations.


Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
FWIW Cyberarts and Tony G have a close relationship. Cyberarts used to own Games Grid and Tony G was on that network. When the network closed down Tony G took over Games Grid's players and moved them to iPoker. It's safe to say Cyberarts first attempt at poker was a disaster.

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