open letter to Virgin Money


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Jan 18, 2007
Senor Branson;
Your energy policy is crap, eff nuclear. Your planes are fun, some of your music is enjoyable. Your casino is interesting (where else can you actually roll dice on monopoly, and the under over stuff is fun too) But my point is this:

Create Virgin Money and everyone will love you!!!

If you don't have the balls for it, oh well. bleeding tit, eh? Do it, fade off 40% for karma or the like. But make the money, eh? I wanna play wi' summit!


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Virgin Money have been around for a while over here, generally trying to extract money from you in every and any which way possible.

Most of the "behind the scenes" finance is dealt with via MBNA - the LAST people I'd ever want to see my money, online or otherwise.
And here I thought I had the solution to all my gambling needs . I look the fool don't I? Thanks for the info.

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