Online Bingo language


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Dec 16, 2004
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Online Bingo language
If you are new to fairly new at online bingo you may not know some of the language that people use in the chat when communicating. So here is some of what you may see as well as what each thing means.

<S> = smile
<EG>= evil grin
OTP= on the phone
CUL= c u later
HAGD= have a good day
HAGN= have a good night
SS= so sorry
GLA= good luck all
ROFL= rolling on floor laughing
ROFLMBO= rolling on floor laughing my butt off
AFK= away from keyboard
ASAP= as soon as possible
B= back
AFAIK= as far as I know
BBL= be back later
BBS= be back soon
GL= good luck
BF= boyfriend
GF= girlfriend
BLNT= better luck next time
BTW= by the way
CYA= see ya
BTW= by the way
CYAL8R= c ya later
FYI= for your information
GG= this will mean either good game or good going
GM= good morning
H+K= hugs and kisses
IMO= in my opinion
L8R= later
IRL= in real life
JK= just kidding
LOL= laughing out loud
NP= no problem
PM= private message
MNC= mother nature calling
OMG= oh my goodness
PPL= people
SRY= sorry
SYS= see you soon
TC= take care
STU= same to you
TY= thank you
YVW= your very welcome
WB= welcome back
WTG= way to go

These are just some of the things that you may see when you are playing bingo online, and now you will know what everyone is saying.


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Jan 31, 2009
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That's just normal chat lingo isn't it? The only thing that I never see is the H&K one.

A couple of others are

TTYL- talk to ya later
SS- so sorry
SYS-see you soon:)

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