Non-Bonus Complaint One Club makes you pay for their CS's error


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Mar 9, 2006
Here's my story. Sorry for any possible wrong usage of English/present past tense, I tried to document the facts.
1. On January 26, 2010 I try top open an account, and it fails, I go to live chat and am promised to get an email follow-up.
2. On the same day I get an email from CS which asks me to send a word document about the error so that they can send it to the technicans. (I have all email correspondence mentioned in the followings saved) Quote: "As per our live chat conversation today regarding not being allowed to open an account. We have spoken with our technicians and they said all countries are allowed to open and play. They are asking if you could send a screen shot of the error you receive when you try to open an account." So even technicians say that all countries can open an account and there is no country restrictions on the web page, I have checked it.
3. I send the document about the error on January 30, 2010.
4. On February 1, 2010 CS writes me that they are not able to read the document, and I should send it again.
5. On February 2, 2010 I send the document about the error again.
6. On the same day I get the advice from CS that: "HI Gergely

Thank you for your reply, After several days of deliberation, of testing we would like to ask that when you go to register a new account, for your country try putting in a different one then your actually in. Try using Australia.

I do hope this helps you in getting an account opened. If you need any further assistance dont hesitate in contacting us again.
Kind Regards,
SBG Support Services "

7. On March 8, 2010 I open the account the way CS suggested me (still no country restrictions on the web page). I wrongly assumed (based on my memory) that One Club is part of the Main street group (it is likely not), and did not do further research.
8. A few seconds after I open the account, I send an email to CS with the following content: "As suggested, I tried with Austria, and it worked, my registered log on id is "xxxxxx"
Could you please switch my country to Hungary now?
Thanks and regards,

9. This email is never answered.
10. Still on March 8, 2010 I make a deposit of $100 which One Club accepts.
11. I play a bit and win, and on March 18, 2010 the casino confirms that I have met the wagering requirements.
12. March 23, 2010 my payment is approved and casino asks for documents
13. I send the documents on the same day
14. On March 28, 2010 I receive $980 to my Neteller account (I asked for $1000 though)
15. After a few days I request another withdrawal of $700, which is rejected because of a monthly $1000 limit.
16. I request a withdrawal on 25 April again. The request is pending in the cashier
17. On May 25, 2010 I got to live chat and ask what is going on. I get a reply that the issue "is transferred over to accounts for further review."
18. No reply so I drop a reminder on June 1, 2010. No reply until 14 June 2010 when I make a CDS complaint. After the complaint the casino got back to me and wrote that they will not send the remaining $700, but I should send them $1000 (the amount they have sent so far) back. At the same time CDS closed the dispute saying "We understand that you have been paid your winnings and are satisfied with the course of the casino." A joke, and now it is not possible to open a dispute for One Club casino any more.
19. On June 23 casino writes "Players from Hungary are not permitted to play at 1Club, unfortunately the support person was not aware of that. Your account has therefore been deactivated.

The $1000 you have already been paid should be returned to us as it was paid in error, please advise how this will be done."
20. On the same day I write back the above 1-19 points and "Considering that there were no country restrictions on your web page and that CS and technicians confirmed that I am allowed to play, I am confident that this was not my error and I can not be held responsible for any of the errors your technicians and CS have probably made. I would have never opened an account if I knew that Hungary was not allowed, as I could have only lost and never won.

From February until now you never told me that something is wrong. You can see that I have never hidden the fact that I am from Hungary before the registration, and on the same day I registered, I even sent and explicit email to explain the situation, and my documents also clearly showed that I am from Hungary "
and ask for the remaining $700 once again.
21. On 25 June I get the following reply:
"Technical support have no knowledge of, or have any input on operational matters such as this, the error came from our CS person unfortunately not giving you the correct information when your registration failed. The system from a technical view point actually did what it was supposed to do.

The base issue is that players from Hungary are not permitted to play at 1 club casino, I acknowledge that we were in error by allowing you to continue through the registration process. For this reason I will not be seeking legal action to recover funds that have already been paid, however your account will remain deactivated and the remaining funds will be forfeit."
At that point they were not asking me to send the $1000 back, but did not want to send the remaining $700. I considered my further options, like publishing the issue on some forums as CDS is useless, but I put the whole thing on hold and started to write off my funds. However recently hearing more and more stories like mine I decided to post my story.

Beware, One Club casino might decide to withold payments and close your account even if you do your best to comply with all of their (strange) rules and processes and even after they have paid you part of the funds they owe you.
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Aug 5, 2009
Seems pretty clear to me that they let you register, knowing that if you won, they would not pay you. Win win for the casino and just another sign of how filthy this industry has become. :rolleyes: