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NOVEMEBER: My 10/10 units Bets....

Discussion in 'Sportsbook Information' started by nomepunter, Nov 3, 2016.

    Nov 3, 2016
  1. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    I couldn't wait for October to finish. It was my second losing month of the year and it didn't have any bets to follow the past couple of days. But there is two now. Looking for a bounce back this month.

    NBA: Minnesota -3 (1.91) against Denver 10/10 units
    NFL: Tampa/Atlanta Under 50.5 (1.91) 10/10 units
  2. Nov 3, 2016
  3. LuckyWhizz

    LuckyWhizz Newbie member

    Corporate Purchasing Manager
    The Netherlands
    I've never done sports bets but I wish you luck!! :D
  4. Nov 5, 2016
  5. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    Bleeding continues to start November... :(


    Memphis -3 (1.91) against SMU in NCAA for 10/10 units
    Philadelphia (2.30) to beat Montreal in NHL (including ot) 10/10 units
  6. Nov 5, 2016
  7. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    Thanks. My main source of income is from sports betting. Hard to believe after October but can't win every month. That was my 2nd losing month of the year. Thing about sportsbetting is that there are degenerate gamblers who lose all the time just like people gambling in casino, then there are disciplined bettors who play few value bets a week and make consistent profit. SPorts betting is the only game other than poker that can be turned into +ev using skill.

  8. Nov 5, 2016
  9. LuckyWhizz

    LuckyWhizz Newbie member

    Corporate Purchasing Manager
    The Netherlands
    But I presume that you need to have a lot of knowledge of the sports where you are betting on is needed (and this is something that I don't have..lol)
  10. Nov 6, 2016
  11. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    Indeed. I don't have much knowledge either but I follow a tipsters advice. Having sports knowledge however does not help you because I have good knowledge of Ice Hockey but if I make picks it won't win because the odds always reflect most of the things a general sports fan would know. Betting is all about capping the situation and finding value lines and for this you have to invest a lot of time. Another most important thing is money management and learning when not to bet which seems to be the pitfall of many sports bettors or any gamblers regardless of them being in winning streak or losing streak.

    IN yesterday the NHL pick by my tipster was spot on. Philadelphia dominated the game and barraged Montreal goalie with nearly 40 shots and he gave up 4 goals. But Philadelphia decided to go with their back up goalie just before the game which screwed the bet. Montreal had only 17 shots on net, less than half of Philadelphia but that back up goalie was horrible and gave up 5 goals in 17 shots. It was a tough loss for backers who backed philly at nice plus odds but bets like that will easily win more than 50% of the time and at those odds in +ev.

    I have no idea about college football but Memphis was -3 and they won the bet for us with no problem by beating the opponent by over 40 points!
  12. Nov 6, 2016
  13. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    Today in NFL:

    Miami -4 (1.95) against NY Jets
    Clevelan +7 (1.98) against Dallas

    both 10/10 units
  14. Nov 7, 2016
  15. lord flashheart

    lord flashheart Experienced Member

    Lab technician
    Dob't take this the wrong way, but your quote here:

    and this quote from another thread:

    "I only bet/follow the wise-guy picks from bettingresource.com and I bet $5000 flat stakes on each game."

    Are you posting picks from a paid service on here? you say you only bet / follow the tips from the service you mentioned in your bet365 thread.

    Your staking method is exactly the same as the one stated on the betting resource website. "Wise-Guy Plays = 10 Unit plays or the full stake (10/10) plays. These are our strongest and most selective picks with with maximum edge. You can expect 20 to 30 picks a month. "

    While I don't personally have an issue with this (if you are), I think the casinomeister & the owner of the other site may well see a problem with this.
  16. Nov 8, 2016
  17. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    Today: NHL with ot: Boston (2.71) to beat Montreal 10/10 units
  18. Nov 8, 2016
  19. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    yes, someone asked me via private message if i can post the picks after i started the bet365 thread.
    I do follow their picks and their money management.

    What is wrong with posting the picks? Only negative thing that I can think of is that since i started posting, the picks haven't done well. I experienced the 2nd losing month for this year in October following those picks, hoping to win back in November. People can profit from these picks. Going into November, I am up close to $200K even after the bad October. Most of that winning came in pinnacle with some coming in betcris.
  20. Nov 9, 2016
  21. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    nba: golden st -15.5 against dallas 10/10 units
  22. Nov 10, 2016
  23. lord flashheart

    lord flashheart Experienced Member

    Lab technician
    Well, the site you mentioned is a subscription service - quite a bespoke & expensive service by the sound of it. I am only pointing out that reposting information from a paid service may not be welcomed by the owners of this site (it might be against the terms, i don't know this though). But it is definitely against the terms of the other site.

    While it could be an inconvenience for Casinomeister, it may be more of an inconvenience to you - if it's making you a lot of money and you're caught reposting information - you may end up having your subscription(to bettingresource) cancelled & banned.
  24. Nov 11, 2016
  25. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    NHL: Ot included: Los Angels 2.21 against Montreal 10/10 units
  26. Nov 11, 2016
  27. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    there is no way for them to know who is posting. also this is not even a sports betting forum, its some casino forum and looks like most here don't even bet on sports.

    the main reason i posted is because the guy who asked for the picks said he is going to test the picks in bet365 and see if he gets limited. I would like to see what others have to say about bet365 when they bet these games. but fro the october results its safe to assume that bet365 leash will be lot longer. they don't limit you for losing.
  28. Nov 12, 2016
  29. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    Marshal +8.5 (-110) against Middle Tenn St in Ncaaf 10/10 units
  30. Nov 13, 2016
  31. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    Nhl Reg time only: Chicago -0.5 (2.13) against montreal 10/10 units
    NBA: Minnesota -4.5 (1.95) against La Lakers 10/10 units
  32. Nov 19, 2016
  33. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    NCAAF: Michigan st +21 (1.91) against ohio st

    will have few more soon.
  34. Nov 20, 2016
  35. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    I was on the road and couldn't get in to post the late plays yesterday....its a shame because they won. Instead of 3-0 will have to settle for 1-0 yesterday.

    Today only one play...

    NFL: Buffalo +2 against Cincinnati
  36. Nov 26, 2016
  37. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    Couldn't post again during the week. Missed 2-0 on thursday and 2-0 on friday. more plays today and hope the amazin run continues.

    ncaaf: Boston College +3 (1.92) against wake forest
    nba: minnesota +14 (1.95) against golden State
    NHL reg time: Los Angeles -0.5 (2.02) against Chicago
    Parlay above 3: 7.30

    All four for 10/10 units
  38. Nov 27, 2016
  39. nomepunter

    nomepunter Dormant account

    carolina +3.5 in nfl against oakland

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