Nextgen Slots - Dual RTP's

Wild Reels

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Feb 22, 2013
United Kingdom
Just a heads up as I've been checking out Nextgen's forthcoming releases and they seem to be releasing 2 different versions of all forthcoming slots with 2 different RTP values, the first release i spotted it on was renegades 96.37% or 95.57%, but this seems to be a new trend going forward.

Samurai Split out later this month will also come with 2 rtp values 96.63% and 95.41%

So worth checking at your favourite casinos which version they are running ( listed in paytables) if you decide to play.


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Aug 29, 2012
Terrible idea by developers to release multiple versions of their games.

Are we to trust the version we're playing is the advertised one, and is there ever truly any way of knowing?

I don't see the reasoning behind this but of course it serves the individual casinos first and the players second.

Just stick to the one RTP already.....a difference of almost 1% is big enough as it is!