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Jul 31, 2006
another example for us newbies

According to my spreadsheet I have played ~120 hours
of BJ almost all at $1 hand for WR of $92,000 in 21 casinos.
(sometimes I play 2-3 hands and sometimes up to $3/ hand)

Amazingly my profit is within 2% of my +EV from the bonuses I have played with.
Actually above expected !!

I decided to test my patience and play $1-3 a spin at for a small bonus.
I keep a continuous detailed log of all my roulette play
and in this case I played about 40 30-minutes sessions.

here is a sample of balances and wager amounts in time order.

end = 305 start = 366 $542 wagered
end = 251 start = 273 $290 wagered
end = 207 start = 251 $238 wagered

and finally 25 hands of $2 on banker in baccarat

end = 160 start = 192 (loss of $32 on $50 wagered on baccarat)

Actually watching this process has made me believe I was exposed to an unfair game.
Meaning: If I bet 10 blacks in a row I get 8 reds. If I bet the previous colour I
get red/black continuously. If I suddenly raise my bet I get 0. NOT KIDDING. I
downloaded at least 2 MEGS of CSV !!

I presume that my feeling is simply the result of seeing the constant unrelenting
ingenuity of fate in creating a constant loss.

attached are a few shots at end of my trial
19 4 times, 17 or 33 6 times, black is popular, and let's take streak turns

ended with $160 + $250 bonus = CASHOUT $410 ($250 deposit)

(well over EV due to EARLIER extraordinary good fortune)

so CON pays me $97 on a $200 bonus, MANSION pays me $160/$250 and I'm satisfied
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I was playing roulette there to clear the $1000 bonus. I was betting $5 on black, even, and 19-36, and in a run of 10 spins a small odd red number came up 7 times. I lost $400 really quickly like that, but over the next few thousand in wagers I won a little and finished just a bit lower than I should have mathematically. The game seemed fixed based on how often I was losing all three bets with 80% of the wheel covered, but it was just a run of bad luck. I would have been betting less per spin but it took so long for the animation to complete that I lost my patience. I noticed I could check the result of my wager instantly in the log, but I would have to wait 10 seconds for the wheel to finish spinning.

Also, does anyone know more about their football promotion than is listed on their webpage? I tried emailing but I haven't received a response yet. Is it really a risk free $1100 bet? I assume there has to be some catch, but I didn't see one from the details I saw on the page.

i was one of those that took part in the last
risk-free offer in the soccer game and we
all got our money back, "of course"
There was no wagering requirement for the sports cash back offer on the Tottenham football game.

However - that offer was a little different - with a maximum GBP 100 cash back cover and smaller bets were allowed.

Here is seems to be a straight USD $1,110 bet - no smaller bets covered.
It's a clever idea that might attact a few sports punters.

But - like you I'm weary of a good thing being too goo to be true.

I'm an affiliate with them and am just checking with Mansion now to confirm that there are no fish hooks.

I'll post again when I get a response.
I've got the email back from Mansion's Chris Taylor ....

Notes :
That for this offer you must place a bet of USD$1,100 (or currency equivilent) or more.

You cannot place a bet for say USD$200 and have that covered.

But I have confirmed that there is absolutely NO WAGERING REQUIREMENT on the cashback - it is yours to do with as you please.


Also note the hassle that MANSION have with credit card companies.
There is a limit of just $250 for the first 90 days.

If you are taking part in this you are far better to use any one of many e-wallet and transfer options that they have.

Neteller, Nexum-ACH, Firepay, Moneybookers, EcoCard, Bank Transfer, Western Union.


And remember :
- it must be on their Sportsbook
- it must be on the Steelers point spread of -4.5
- it must be USD $1,100 (or currency equivilent)

Here's our
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that lists all the offical currency equivilents.
This seems to good to be true. So I could just make the $1100 bet on the steelers, and a $500 bet on Miami and make a $500 profit no matter what happens?

They call it hedging your bet and people should use another sportsbook site to do the otherside of the bet. There are many more.
Thanks, I figured he was talking about trying to hedge his bet but wanted to point out that they would void it at mansion if you attempted to do both bets there.

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