New Owners At Prepaid ATM


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Dec 18, 2003
This went out to the casinos and merchants

Dear PrePaidATM Merchant:

I am pleased to announce that the PrePaidATM platform has been acquired by a successful investment banking group. This group will be contacting each of you shortly in an effort to structure a repayment plan of the monies owed to you by PrePaidATM.

Tonight, for a period of approximately 4 hours, from 10pm EST to 2am EST, PrePaidATM will be offline to make the final audit necessary before the transfer to the new ownership.

During this final pre-transfer step, all balances in your merchant account - current, old, reserve - will be consolidated into one balance under "old" funds. Everyone will start with a "zero" balance tomorrow for purposes of the transfer completion. This is temporary, and you will all be contacted by the new owners within 72 hours regarding the monies due to you (the new owners are assuming full responsibility for all funds due to active merchants - you WILL be paid!). Payment plans will be structured for all outstanding balances.

Under the new ownership, the robust PrePaidATM platform will continue to evolve, your funds will be available quicker, and the level of service will be improved. Marketing campaigns will be put in place to help drive customers to PrePaidATM merchants, and merchant loyalty programs will be incorporated into all new agreements.

We will leave it to the new owners to give you the full details, but we promise that you will be pleased with the very positive upcoming changes.

If you have any questions prior to the "formal" announcement from the new owners, please feel free to contact Melody at <[email protected]> or 513.922.6158

I greatly appreciate your continued loyalty to PrePaidATM, and sincerely hope that you are pleased with the new PrePaidATM.


Allen Ross

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