New netent slots, bad playing experience


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Aug 16, 2010
Beside the fact, that i don´t like the payout structure of the last netent releases, i have massive problems with the performance of this games.
For example, but not only the last release (Hooks). Very often the game would´nt load fully and the only chance go get it running is to clear the
cache. But even then, it does not work always. Then - if it finally works - i don´t like the "feeling of play" (no better words to describe). For example
you have to wait a while after a spin, before a new spin is possible...
My PC is some years old, but every other provider and the old netend games work perfect.
Anyone makes the same experience ?


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Aug 29, 2012
Sometimes it doesn't matter how good your PC is or if your cache is cleared, some of the games run pretty badly. I found that Aliens, Evolution and some of the newer games like Hook's Heroes just chug along at a snail's pace. Most probably a Flash problem but there are some sites where near enough all games run flawlessly in comparison to others, like Redbet, Betat etc as well as some bookies like Stan James and so forth.

Nothing worse than depositing somewhere and finding two spins in that it's going to be an extremely long session, but for all the wrong reasons :(

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Feb 22, 2013
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It's most likely not a flash problem as all of the new netent slots are html5 so they are mobile compatible on release,

The clunky spins were noticeable for me on slots such as the invisible man, I would suggest trying a few different browsers to see if one performs better but the clunky feeling is a netent thing on the new releases since they adopted the html5 format, which is why the old flash ones still perform fine.

Invisible man was the most noticeable pain in the ass slot for a quick spinner where you almost feel like double clicking to counter the clunky spins.


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Feb 11, 2013
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I can't play Aliens,Creature from the black lagoon or Lights plus other netent slots on my computer. Can only play the mentioned ones and others on my phone. Wish they would release Creature on mobile but it'll never happen as there isn't enough demand for it :(. They just don't open at all so I feel your pain! Also recently slots from other vendors have been extremely laggy everywhere if only all the games were available on my mobile imagine how sweet it would be to spin DOA from your bed or in the bath,the 5 wilds on the commute to work! Dangerous as hell mind you as you'd lose frighteningly fast because mobile is far smoother than computer version.:eek2: