Neteller problem connecting - anyone else?


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Sep 3, 2005
Is anyone having a problem trying to connect to Neteller, or is it just me? :what:

Never mind, I believe it's on my site, something wrong with adress, I just retyped it and now it's fine, although its strange... I think, its time for me to clean up my computer...
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I had a bookmark to the login page and it stopped working this week - when i tried logging in i get a page of JSP errors. But if you simply hit the "Sign In" button on the front page, it takes you to a URL where you can sign in from.
I had a bookmark too, but it didn't work, it tried to connect and just "hanged". So I found Neteller adress in Google and made a new bookmark - it worked. Only strange - it was the same adress as before only "fresh". I panicked because I immediately thought about hackers. (would be a big disspointment for hackers, my Net.account is not so overfilled, he-he)

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