Neteller account as German resident: Should I log on from the US?


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Dec 25, 2006
Hi there,

hope I am posting this to the proper part of the board..
I am German and thus have no problems with using Neteller. However right now I am in the US (and will be for another two months) for business. I have been waiting for a larger payment to be made and would like to transfer it to my bank account. Now the question is: Will it be a problem if I log onto my account from the US? I. e. does the gambling act apply to me although I still am a German resident?
I won't risk playing at any casinos, I just would like to get that money out of there. Every time I log in from another location in Germany I have to talk to support afterwards and tell them it was really me. So I assume they would notice me logging on from here as well.

The safe, but more complicated option would be to supply my brother at home with the data and have him do it.

What do you think, problem or no problem?
If you login to neteller from a country that is not your usual residence your account will be locked and you will have to call them to get it unlocked.

Other than that you should be fine. You can call them ahead, but be aware that waiting for someone to get to you in the US is a pain, they are floodded with calls. Maybe better to let them lock it and send you a special number.
Since you have doubts - let your brother do it. It's not worth the risk.

I have a Neteller account and have accessed this in the UK, Canada, the States, Spain, and France. Never had a problem - never had to have support deal with anything.

But that's not saying you won't have a problem. You could also contact support ahead of time to give them a heads up. But again, who knows what might happen.
Hi there,

just to follow up on this for people who might have the same question in the future:
Almost every time I log on from another location than home (well okay, basically when in another country) my account gets locked temporarily. Be it the UK or Mexico, they lock it until I call them and tell them it is okay, it really is me.
When I tried to log on in the US they locked it too and wouldn't unlock until I was home again - when I got home and called them they unlocked it without any problems.

As a funny side note: I contacted them via email first while in the US and called later since I received no immediate response. A few days later I received an email stating my account had been locked because I already possessed another account. Well, of course I do, d'Uh - at one point of time I wanted to change the currency on my account and they advised me to open another account with another email address in the new currency while they would lock my old one and transfer my funds.
Funny how they don't seem to know their own SOPs..:rolleyes:
if you are German and you want to log in from USA, Neteller WON'T accept it and they will lock your account in the long term

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