Needing help regarding a withdrawal


Dormant account
Jun 22, 2010
I have been on Vegas red for about 1 week deposited around 200 with no luck eventually I manage to win 500 but they have refused my withdrawal saying i need to wager 1047 has any1 else had the same problem??

how onearth i was ment 2 wager 1047 off a deposit of 20 pound and a 6 pound bonus i will never know, especially when they suspend me from the games i needed 2 play!!

all the online support say is send an email yet i have sent various emails and i have heard back from maiji shey joan elmo cris santi all saying the same thing my account is being looked at omg is this site a scam??
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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
That is a HUGE WR for a mere £6 bonus. Looks like you WERE scammed because this is a TERRIBLE offer compared with what else is out there.

For a bonus restricted to slots, you should be expecting a WR of 30x, and on £6 this would be £180, and not £1047.

It looks like your WR may have initially been of the order of 200x B - a complete rip-off for a DEPOSIT bonus of a mere 30%.