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Dec 28, 2006
I deposited $100 at Crown Vegas and got a $100 bonus. I lost all of this money. Then I made an additional $20 bonus, lost that too. I then went on live chat and asked the customer service rep if I could get more bonus if I make another deposit. He told me that he would give me an additional 100% bonus. I asked him what were the terms and conditions. He told me the terms and conditions were identical to the signup bonus. T and C for sign up bonus clearly states that blackjack is eligible toward the wagering requirement. So I got my bonus and started playing blackjack. After I was certain that I had met the wagering requirement, I emailed customer service to this confirmed. I had to email them 3 times to get a reply. They replied and said that my bonus couldn't be used toward blackjack. The thing is I lost $120 at their casino playing nothing but blackjack. In addition, the customer service rep clearly states that blackjack is eligible toward the wagering requirement for the bonus that I was using. I emailed them again and told them that the customer service rep said that the TC for this bonus is identical to that of the signup bonus. It has been two days now, but I haven't gotten a response. What should I do now? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Have you a screenshot or E-Mail from the support about that? Otherwise it's hard to prove and the casino can easily say that they never said something like that...
Do you have a copy of the chat with the CR rep ? That should be able to cover you , and if indeed Blacjack doesnt count towards the wagering they should refund your $120 back that you lost previously that only seems fair to me. Keep pushing worst case scenario Pitch a Bitch with CM.
I don't have a copy of the chat script. It didn't give me an option to have the chat script sent to my email. I'm emailing the people at RTG right now. Hopefully they can help. If not, I think I have no choice but to PAB. Thanx for your replies

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