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Mar 6, 2007
somewhere on the planet
This is for any of you guys with the patience to help a semi-illiterate computer person! I have been trying to upload or copy and paste to the forum and can't get the job done. Pics won't paste for me and I can't figure out how to save to file out of e-mails to get text and pics of body of e-mail only. Duh, don't laugh, people, I have other skills (I hope). If anyone is brave enough to try to get me to understand I do have some stuff I would like to share. One more thing, I have an old HP, W98 (the kid gets the good computer!).




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Jan 18, 2007
I'd be glad to help :)
btw, HI and belated welcome, Jod

We could start with one 'project' and do it by pm, email, or on here to help others who might be struggling.

For starters... the pic icon is for links on existing urls, if you want something off of your computer click on the paper clip above it to 'manage attachments' browse for it on your computer, upload it, then preview the post with the button next to 'submit post'.

For text, simply highlight the part in your email by dragging your mouse over it with left mouse button pushed down, hold down the Ctrl key (lower left onyour ketboard) and with Ctrl depressed type C. This will copy it to your clipboard.
Go to your message you want to post, when you see the cursor blinking where you would normally type: While holding down the Ctrl key, type V. This will paste the text from your clipboard.

Let me know how that goes for ya :)

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