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Oct 1, 2010
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Afternoon webmeisters - I've been working on a new project recently and was hoping I could get some feedback. It focuses on the UK and features brick and mortar casinos (as well as online casinos) and the idea is to get players to write user reviews of their local casinos - whether or not this will be successful or not I have no idea!

Here's the site:
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Currently there are a couple of reviews and the B&M casinos can be navigated by town or by using the map found here:
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Any comments about the design or function? I was thinking of adding a post code search to the casino section - would this be useful or a redundant feature?

Thanks :)
Ps. If anyone fancies writing a review of their local casino I'm happy to reciprocate on your sites wherever possible (eg: if I'm able to legitimately) or offer some kind of assistance. :thumbsup:
Very nice site baldidiot. I like the clean and tidy layout and I think there is definitely a need for more information about casinos in the UK.

You could probably do with getting the blog going a bit. As I imagine there is a chance to grab a bit more traffic from regular content being added to the site.

Very nice site though :)
Thanks mate :)

I'm actually just about to do some more work on the site now - including adding descriptions/editorial reviews of all the B&M casinos. That's going to be a big job!
Is the site ranking well yet? Are you getting searches for specific casinos or generic casino info like "London casinos" for example. I am keen to know what the appetite for B&M casinos is like in the UK these days.
It gets some B&M traffic through the serps - mostly relating to locations and specific casinos. I'm expecting this kind of traffic to increase once I've gone through and elaborated on each of the B&M casino listings (currently they're just bare bones details + a smattering of user reviews).

Once I finally nail down the right structure and format, I have plans to do a guide for the rest of the world. :thumbsup:

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