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Musings on B&M vs Online Casinos

Discussion in 'North American Land Based Casinos' started by Diane, Jan 28, 2011.

    Jan 28, 2011
  1. Diane

    Diane Ueber Meister

    Consultant - HR
    Ok, random rambling thoughts from Diane, so stop reading now if you haven't much interest in the topic. I obviously have way too much time on my hands which is why my posting level here has increased so much. That, and I *really* like the group here. I feel at home, so thanks to all of you who have created that environment starting with Bryan, Max, Simmo and the others.

    As stated in prior postings, 2011 finds me with extra time on my hands due to semi-retirement. When working, online gaming was my primary choice due to limited travle time and work consuming so much of my schedule.

    Now for the first time in eons, kids are gone, job is gone and I can schedule time as I wish. As long as I don't push the limits too far with my very tolerant and loving spouse of 36 years. He is not much interested in gambling, preferring his hunting and fishing. He knows I enjoy gambling/playing poker tremendously but only rarely does he want to come along, so I do it mostly solo. Solo at home on computer in new "home office" and solo in terms of travel to B&M.

    I am Diamond status with Harrah's, Platinum with MGM - which means I gamble often and the casinos love me and my discretionary income. I have enough offers coming in from casinos through snail mail and online that I am sure I could bounce between hotel to hotel in Las Vegas, Reno, and Tunica without paying a hotel bill for at least a month.

    I went on a free charter to Laughlin for 4days earlier this month and then yesterday returned from a week long trip to Vegas. So with 11 recent B&M days under my belt, naturally it makes me start comparing B&M with online.

    Except for wanting to vary my environment ---- I think Online gets the nod for preferred method of getting my gambling fix and trying to win money. So far my net wins have all been online and each B&M trip (all two of them for 2011 - have been net losses)

    Dislikes - B&M​

    *Dirty - dirty screens, dirty ashtrays, dirty restrooms,
    *Rude players - bad hygiene, grumpy, bumping into you, making you feel like you took their machine or influenced their bad luck. Listening to grumbling and even some scary looking people.
    *slow cocktail service when you can find it
    *machines that don't work consistently either bill acceptors or payout slip printers
    * constantly changing paytables, having to check same machine at different denominations to find the most lucrative paytable for dollars I am willing to spend
    *hotel rooms that have poor lighting and hard to find outlets for computer power cord, cell phone charger, Ipods etc.
    *hotels that charge for internet access. Surprisingly - Bellagio now offers it free and NO resort charge hidden in their free room offers
    *hotels with Resort Fees, ie $20/day resort fee on "free" rooms at Mirage and Wynn/Encore
    *hassle of travel, airplane delays, trapped in planes with limited leg room and people who snore/smell. It's better with the direct flights and direct charters, but still a hassle with packing bags and security lines at airports
    *Wanting to play live poker, but no consistent player base to guarantee that when I show up wanting to play there will be a game at the limits I want to play.

    (side note ---- I play at the higher end sites in Vegas; Wynn, Encore, Palazzo, Bellagio, etc. So its not like I am downtown at the El Cortez where I would expect rude, boorish, dirtbags to be more prevalent)

    Likes from B&M ​

    * New and varied interactive games
    * Instant pay when you win
    *ATM instant access to money
    *LInes of credit at casinos so you don't have to pay ATM fees or carry lots of cash
    *Beautiful hotels and pleasing environments
    *People watching -- Vegas must be the ultimate for that activity!
    *Personal hosts who help make your hotel/gaming experience as nice as possible
    *Free hotel rooms, free play, and free meals
    *Warm weather during the winter (remember what WI is like this time of year)
    *No schedule, eat, sleep, and play, or whatever 24/7. Breakfast 24 hours a day if you want
    *someone who makes my bed, cooks my meals, and cleans my hotel room with free towels and really nice ameneties with chocolates on my pillow turndown bed service

    Likes of Online Gaming

    * Stay at home
    *24/7 games available
    *play in my PJ's, drinking my own coffee
    *no noise
    *wide range of software platforms to pick from, never get bored
    *bounce between poker, VP, and slots in the click of a key
    *no travel expense
    *no interaction with other players unless I seek it out online such as through this forum
    *virtual money doesn't get my hands dirty
    *poker games 24/7 all games all limits, more tourneys than you can possibly want to play

    Dislikes of Online Gaming

    *Occasional struggles to deposit
    *Regular worries on how to get paid and how long it takes
    *Worries that online gaming will impact my personal financial status with bankj
    *Too easy to blow large amounts of time -- hours slip by without my realizing it
    *Live Chat that isn't ------- I have been kept waiting up to 45 minutes at some sites "while operators are assisting other players"
    *Live chat that is simultaneously helping multiple other customers so you get left hanging waiting for lengthy periods of time in between their responses to your questions.
    *calling the sites directly and speaking to people who have such heavy accents that it is difficult to understand to the point that its easier to go back to live chat and type to them than try to understand their spoken word
    *poorly informed live chat operators who don't know the offers and details of the site's promos because they work for multiple sites at one time.
    *having to keep accurate chat records to ensure that what I have been told is what I get from that site
    *rude live chat operators
    *questions from my bank on types of international transactions

    Weighing out pros and cons of both ? Online wins by a personal margin of 60% over B&M @ 40%.

    FWIW ---

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  2. Jan 28, 2011
  3. oldtrvlagt

    oldtrvlagt Dormant account

    Self Employed Travel Agent
    Interesting that you should post this....we have just had the reverse experience. Just spent 5 nights in Laughlin,NV (we are there about 7-10 times a year) and my husband and I both had the most wins consecutively out of online or B & M. We've been lucky in the past with some jackpot wins but this time it was $600, $1,000, $500, $1000 and many $200-$300 cashouts. We never pay for food, comps are plentiful and we can cash in tickets without fear of whether or not they will pay us. Also, the free money we get has NO WR:thumbsup: It really is cyclical IMO....I had a run like that at Rivals a couple of years ago until they became greedy. A RJ at an RTG and a good sized cashout at another RTG but way to far between cashouts. I think it has to be a combination of both as, in my case, they both won't be good all the time.
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  4. Jan 28, 2011
  5. Diane

    Diane Ueber Meister

    Consultant - HR
    Yes, "your mileage may vary" --- is always true. I am not implying I am done with live casinos, especially since the free rooms, airfare, and food keep coming in with the Free play. Matter of fact, I forgot to mention that I did go visit the Cosmopolitan (I was staying next door at Bellagio). Cosmo will honor reciprocal status. So while I hadn't played a nickel yet at Cosmo, after speaking with a very nice host, I was instantly given their highest tier of Platinum status and told that she will take care of my rooms on the next trip.

    It's just the PEOPLE that tend to bug me the most when I do the live casino thing. That and the "dirt".

    Congrats on having such a successful Laughlin trip - those are very good memories that stay with you for a nice long glow well after the trip ends.

  6. Jan 29, 2011
  7. JAMES50

    JAMES50 Experienced Member

    air conditioning contractor
    I noticed # 2 complaint online is worrying about getting paid and how long it takes...WELL I gotta tell you..We were playing on line for the last 10 yrs because of the fact of comfort of our own home.( 30 lbs heavier)..But the industry has gotten worse as far as payout waiting time and deposits..So we have stopped online for that fact..until it gets regulated,I will not waste my time any longer.Even the best casino's online,I won't mention for fear of being kicked off the forum,have taken a turn for the worse as far as percent returns and cash out waiting...Deposit methods are a joke..I feel that it not being regulated leaves my money in there hands,with no recoarse...Land casino's yes have there bad points...But as your comparasin I would say land base..Plus it gets one moveing instead of sitting around drinking coffee...Just one mans oppinion :) :)
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  8. Jan 29, 2011
  9. Diane

    Diane Ueber Meister

    Consultant - HR

    Opinion's are what keep this forum (and life) interesting......My opinions change regularly as well based upon my most recent experience. Thanks for the comments. Diane
  10. Jan 29, 2011
  11. De Beuker

    De Beuker Senior Member

    For me its rather easy, I prefer online due to the simple fact that here in Holland we hardly have any B&M casinos.
    The nearest is Holland Casino in Amsterdam, and its always packed, almost waiting in line for your favourite slotmachine, especially during the weekends.
    And then you finally found a paying slot.. sorry, closing time!:mad:

    I haven't been there ever since the smoking ban, thats another point, I just need to smoke when I play, cant help it..:oops:
    No longer allowed.:(
    Free meals? Free hotel rooms? Not a chance I'm afraid, maybe when you're a whale..

    And there is the arcade, I used to come there alot many years ago, almost every town has 1 or more arcades with only slotmachines, a bit like the UK AWP slots but less complicated.
    Horrific payoutpercentages as low as 70%, so the times I left there with a profit I can count on the fingers of one hand.
    Comps? No such thing.
    If you lose a few hundreds you can get a free coffee and, if you're lucky, a cookie, and thats it.

    Ever since I discovered the benefits of online gaming, I haven't been to an arcade or B&M, dont think I ever will return unless its a trip to Vegas or AC.

    You Americans have a lot less to chose from online, but at least you got loads of decent B&M's.

    So in short, the benefits of online gaming:
    -No traveling
    -I can smoke, drink a beer, whatever
    -I can play the games I want to play without waiting in line
    -I can play whenever I want
    -I can yell at my screen for free spins!:D
    -Much better returns, more playtime
    -bonuses, comps
    -More games to choose from, different softwareproviders
    -Games are way more exiting, you wont find 5 reel Videoslots in the arcades, and only a few in the casino (maybe this has changed now, dunno)
    -Easy to deposit/withdraw when using Neteller.

    Thats all I can think of for now.:)

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