Mongoose to suspend affiliate programme?


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May 22, 2012
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Sadly Mongoose have decided the UK market is not for them.

Dear Affiliate,

It has been an incredible journey with Mongoose Casino UK so far and we have strived our best to deliver to our incredible affiliate. However, after much scrutiny and analysis, it is with the deliberation that we announce that Mongoose Casino will no longer be serving players in the United Kingdom.

This decision is based on critical facts and numbers including conversion rates, among other statistics, that remain lower than expected. Despite many endeavors, the management team at Mongoose Casino have concluded that at the moment, the UK market is not viable for further business.

Consequently, we want to inform you that we shall be closing your affiliate account and you will not be able to login to your affiliate account from 1st September 2019 onwards. Your accounts for August and any pending accounts will be settled as normal.
Actually, they've just updated this -

***Dear Affiliate,

In regards to the previous email, it has come to light that some of the statements maybe have been taken out of context and this email is to make sure that any confusions are cleared out and no messages are misinterpreted.

We want to make it clear that Mongoose Casino will still be accepting and serving players in United Kingdom.

However, over the past months conversions have decreased and unfortunately the targets we had setup and forecasted have not been so feasible.

Again, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of your hard work promoting Mongoose Casino but I also want to make it clear that we are still accepting UK players.***

So basically they are closing affiliate accounts and not paying them after next month, which presumably means your existing players will not earn you any commission after 01/09?????
Sad to see, but any casino that limits themselves to just one or two providers (Microgaming in this case) is not going to survive in a tough market.
Sad to see, but any casino that limits themselves to just one or two providers (Microgaming in this case) is not going to survive in a tough market.
I've actually asked for clarification about what's going down here.

So the initial e-mail was a bit misleading, sounded like the aff. accounts were being terminated because the casino is leaving the UK market.

Then we're told the casino will still take UK players on and continue with existing players.

So all I can reasonably deduce is that aff. payments will be stopped after 31 August, last payments will be made in September in respect of this, which I did get confirmed.

So it seems they're dropping the aff. programme, so you won't receive further payments for the RS players you've already recruited - in other words, they're doing a 'sky vegas' on their affs?
FTR, given that Mongoose Casino's latest communication confirms they aren't closing to the UK, but it appears to be solely the aff. programme due to costs, have moved the thread to the correct forum and made this clear in the title. Have requested further info from them.

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