Casino Complaint misleading terms in their comp (Betway)


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Jun 1, 2007
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does anybody else think that betway are missleading people with there Freespin Marathon Mondays comp,
i saw this and played,and thought that if you profit according to there payscale you would get free spins

Medal Slots Profit Freespins Awarded
Gold $3001+ 100 Gold Freespins
Gold $1301-$3000 75 Gold Freespins
Gold $1001-$1300 50 Gold Freespins
Silver $701-$900 75 Silver Freespins
Silver $501-$700 50 Silver Freespins
Bronze $301-$500 75 Bronze Freespins
Bronze $100-$300 50 Bronze Freespins

in the rules it says,

Freespin Marathon Mondays: Go For Gold!

Play slots at the Casino on Mondays and we will reward you with extra Freespins based on your slots profit. Heres how it works

1. Play any slots on: Mon Jan 26 (00:00 24:00 CET)
2. Finish the day with a profit over $100 email [email protected]* with the subject Marathon Mondays
3. We will upload your Free Spins (according to the table below) on the following Wednesday

Marathon Monday Terms & Conditions

* Only players who profit over $100 on slots during the promo period and then send an email to [email protected] can participate
* Promotion valid on casino sessions that start between 00:01 (CET Time) and 23:59 on Mondays.
* Slots Marathon Freespins will be awarded based on total profit made during the promotional period, any play outside of this time will not be counted.
* Wins on table games are not included in this promotion.
* To qualify, players must make a minimum of 50 bets or over on any slot game within the promotion period.
* Qualifying players will be credited with their Freespins before midnight on Wednesdays and will expire at midnight on Fridays.
* The casino may, at their sole discretion, limit the eligibility of new customers to participate in this promotion. Betway.coms decision will be considered final in the event of a dispute.

i checked there site and there were 7 winners
i thought that all players that deposited and made a profit would get the free spins but it seems like you go into a draw to win, so i won nothing
to me the terms are missleading,


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Mar 13, 2008
Hi. It said before midnight on WEDNESDAY the freespins would be credited...not sure what time zone they are based on, but I would keep checking my account until midnight your time zone, or GMT, and then contact support.

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