Might be lucky BUT??


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I am very worried, I have won over $5000.00 at River Nile Casino, but they want the following information.

From the E-mail is the following:

It is standard procedure at the casino to request the following
documentation for cash-ins exceeding $5000;

- Photostat copy of Identity Document (Passport/Drivers License)
- Photostat copy of Front and Back of Credit Card
- Photostat copy of Utilities/Rent bill made out in your name to your registered residential address.
-Copy of your bank statement
- Copy of a letter from your bank stating that your account is in good standing

This seems a bit much as identity theft is on the rise and this Casino is in South Africa a long way from the states and who know what they can do with my personal information. Please tell me it is safe. I have everything they want and ready to fax it.

Thanks for any help


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I can understan the first 3 request. A lot of casino ask these days.
But the last 2 items...
((-Copy of your bank statement ))
((- Copy of a letter from your bank stating that your account is in good standing ))

I don't know why unless you deposit with the check and they want to make sure the check is clear. It is a big win, Congratulation! Maybe some senior here know better.


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I wonder why they need to know your banking information? One would think that if they were concerned about your accounts being in good standing, then perhaps they should ask prior to your play. You put up your money to play with, so what business is it of theirs if your checking account is overdrawn at the present time? (just making an analogy not stating that this is the case). In any event Shamrokxls, congratulations on your win!!@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


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Hi shamrokxls,

This is a standard form letter you receive at most MG casinos when cashing out, usually done on an initial cashin. They will probably just reverse it to your Neteller account (if that's how you funded your account).

I agree the last two items are a bit intrusive. Let us know if they actually request this. By the way, which casino was this?

And congrats on your win!!! Good going!


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I got upset when I first started getting requests for that type of information, also. But Bryan is correct - it's a standard form letter that is sent out, and if you talk to them, I'm relatively sure they'll tell you that you only need to provide the information that is applicable to your experience at their casino.
The size of your win is probably one reason for their request for so much info - many casinos now state on their banking pages that wins over a certain amt will require specific info for them to pay the withdrawal.
If you deposited via a bank account, then they are asking for that information to make sure you don't later charge-back and make sure you didn't use someone else's acct to deposit -- many casinos list a requirement for a copy of the front and back of your credit card, which i would never send in a million years, since that is far more dangerous in the hands of someone wanting to commit identity fraud than a bank statement. I was getting those "demands" (and they do come across as demands, but once you realize it's a form letter, it makes more sense and can feel less intrusive - casinos with a lot of players use form letters so they can focus their main attention on more specific customer support issues, and my experiences w/River Nile were all positive and they only required the information applicable to my particular situation, and paid quickly and without any problems - but I did call them to ask about the form letter and its requirements).
If you deposited via Neteller, then call them or write them to explain your concerns very politely and say that you didn't deposit via a bank acct, and I'd advise that you say you assume the letter they sent was a form letter, and that they only want the info applicable to you - that you assume they want a copy of your driver's license, and ask if they need any other info to pay your withdrawal back to Neteller (they might require a utility bill - some casinos do). I can tell you how I approached that same problem, because I was also concerned about identity theft and wasn't comfortable with the request - I asked what they expected to gain from my utility bill and was told they wanted address verification. So what I did was sent them a copy of my utility bill, but I sent my phone bill, with the name of the phone company and my name and address showing, but I cut off the phone number, acct number, etc. I haven't been asked for a utility bill in a long time, but every casino that required one was satisfied with me providing my utility bill in that form. And I was more comfortable because I didn't give them anything they didn't already have - that might be a way for you to provide the info in a way that feels more comfortable to you if the casino still requires it. And although many casinos have gone from reputable to scary over the past year, to the best of my knowledge, River Nile is one of the casinos that remains legit.
Also, everyone needs to be aware of the problems facing many of the online casinos now - due to US demands on the countries where most casinos are located, those countries have had to enact laws that are more or less dicated by the US, that are supposedly meant to make sure there isn't any money laundering going on thru the casinos. Large wins are considered especially dangerous (by the US), and the casinos must be able to provide certain documentation they never had to provide before, to prove where their money is going.
In my opinion, it's simply another tactic the US is using to try to squeeze the online casinos out of business, at least when it comes to transactions with US citizens. But it's a real requirement many casinos face from their govt's.
I agree the requirements are intrusive, and I also agree that if the casinos were actually requiring the documentation to protect us from someone illegally using our accts, then they would require documentation when deposits are made, not on the rare occasions people cash out - obviously, if someone is using my acct illegally and putting winnings back into the same acct, the problem is the times they deposit and lose, not the times they deposit and win. I wish casinos would just be honest about what they're doing and why - but the industry is going the wrong direction and it appears things are going to get worse before they get better.
The good news is that River Nile is a legit casino, and in terms of relative trustworthiness, River Nile is among the few I feel most comfortable sending info to - and you have every reason to believe you'll get paid. But if you didn't deposit via a bank acct or credit card, then I'd be very wary of giving them bank statements and similar info, and if they insist they won't pay without info that has nothing to do with your deposit, then I'd avoid slamming them in the forums and immediately ask for help from the meister or julie. I think they can help you, unless some major change has occurred very recently at River Nile.
You're wise to be concerned, and I know this is long, but I hope it helps explain why they ask, what to consider, and helps you figure out what to do.
Congrats on the win, and good luck. I believe you'll get paid (and I'm jealous - just kidding, lol).


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I won this at River Nile Casino, and yes I called them and they said they need evey thing on the list due to fraud and cheats. I will let you know how long it takes to get paid or any other problems or concerns with them. Thank you very much for your help. :talker:


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So, don't keep us in suspense...What were you playing and what did you get???


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I was on River Nile Casino playing Treasure Nile Progressive slot. Was not paying attention really. Playing Max Bet, thought I hit the progressive but you cannot have wilds for the progressive. Hit for 3000 once and 1500 twice cashed out when I did, it was taking the money quick after a while.


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Good going!!!!

By the way, I hate Treasure Nile. I always lose.