Have you heard of Midnight-Casino.com? It's a brand new online Casino, offering a $50 sign up bonus to try them out. A 10% bonus will be added to your casino account whenever you deposit money through Western Union, Bank Wire ,Neteller or Western Union. They also have a "Refer a Friend" promotion. Your account will be credited with $10 in FREE casino chips for EACH AND EVERY friend you refer to The Midnight- Casino. So, why don't you give them a try!
This spam is a dead link. I tried the url to check it out for my casino database and there was nothing there!
You know, Brian. It's getting worse everyday. There is a section here in this forum for such "spam" posting as above, but these a-holes can't [color=ff0000]•••••••[/color] read.

Some moron keeps coming back here with Viagra ads (?); even spamming the board with testimonials. Nevertheless, his IP has been banned (but he keeps switching computers).

I could take a more vigilant approach and require everyone to register with a valid email address, and have their IP address posted next to their name but I feel this would discourage the ones who have something to say in a big way but fear for their jobs, etc.

Hmm...something to do on a nice rainy day, like today.

By the way,

the URL is Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) and I met these guys at the ICE (hopefully "John" was not one of them"). The software seemed pretty slick and they've done their homework (auditing posted, etc).

But they shouldn't spam my board!

Thanks, Bryan. I managed to get in and I was quite impressed with the Yabet connection and the Dutch (Netherlands Antilles) licence. I have seen this software somewhere before but can't put my finger on it as they just reveal it to be "Norwegian".

The 6 language Support must be a first.

I have sent them an email to test response and I'll let you know what the result is.
Finally got in to the rather bland site, which looks as if it using Shockwave tech stuff but I can't bring the provider to mind right now. They say the operational staff and the software provider are Norwegian?

The six language Support must be something of a first. I also liked the upfront way they declare their ownership and relationship with Yabet.com - that's a nice change.

But there is something amiss with their Support emails. I tried both assistance@ and supportmanager@ and both bounced!
Woo hoo! I won $60 at their slots! But it was only play money. Boo hoo.

I'm going to check out their support to see what's up in deutsch.

By the way, Casino Fantasy and C. Treasure both support thirteen languages, just for your info.

I'm new to all this - so the routine of signing up, downloading and reading the small print is all totally new.
I tried to get onto Midnight Casino after reading your postings, to see what it was like - I hardly got in the front door. I registered and was told I had $100 demo dollars, but each time I made my choice of game, Blackjack, the system told me there was an error.
Hmm, frustrating.
Online casinos should try and remember exactly what a new user feels like (especially since the site is aimed at the new user, no doubt) - it can be real confusing and irritating - easy way to lose a potential client.
Hi Abdinor,

Make sure you have the latest version of Flash installed. Think I had some error messages too in the Blackjack, I couldn't play. Sometimes it's best to go to a downloadable casino (Captain Cooks, Illustrated, Pharaohs are easy to sign up at) and downloadable software is usually a bit more stabler.

Jetset :
Midnight-casino.com and sportonlinecasino.com both use software. However the former claims the software is from an un-named Norwiegan company and the latter says it came from "Online Gaming Systems Limited" in Nevada. In there Blackjack rules they both say they use "x amount of decks" and that "x" is "configurable". Reassuring - No.
Curious to see comments on this software, which is indeed made by the operators of Yabet - Web Game Corporation.

I also met them in London at the same time Bryan did.

Bryan, I'm hungry for some more Indian - interested in a return trip? :)
OGAM software is slow and inefficient. They are publically listed. Last year traded in the $1.50-$2.00 range, now trade $.06. They were one of the first, they were also one of the cheapest. They brought us great casinos such as Luckys casino.
Every casino that has used it has gotten rid of it in a heart beat, went broke, or just ripped players off. It is easily recognized by their 3 VP games which show just how bad the software is. It does not provide enough lines for the pay schedules of the games. There are many shady dealings in OGAM's past. Most recently Richard Iammuno, former CEO, ripping off operators with his e-cash system

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