Microgaming Payouts Example For Other Casinos


Dec 6, 2004
Parts, Unknown
Why is it that Microgaming casinos groups seems to have little to no problems with paying people? And the rest are really lacking behind. I don't usually play MG because Im a RTG or Playtech person. But its harder to find RTG or Playtech casinos that you can trust to pay you in a timely manner. But with MG you can pick almost any of them, and expect to be paid in a short moment.

Shouldn't the other casino groups follow MG example? This whole online gaming is getting boring and Im tempted to throw away my computer all together and don't deal with "online anything." If certain casinos groups / owners are broke. They need to get out of the game. It's seems easier to just drive the few hrs to a real casino so I don't have to deal with the crap from hidden terms to slow / no pay.

Figured I would send you to the right thread (I started it) with the same thoughts as you in my opinion . It helps narrow down really good casinos that pay in a timely fashion. There are all kinds of casinos that pay fast...I was surprised by the list...thanks to all who responded...

Everyone has been great and truly helpful in responding to the question.. helps narrow down where you want to play and get paid. This might help you in your frustrations and narrow your searching.
Hope it helps!

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