Microgaming Malware?


Mar 16, 2005
Firstly, I stubbled in on your site casinomeister a few days ago. Fantastic resource, great job. Gald to be on board & look forward to the casino learning curve. Yes online gambling is a new found activity.

On Thursday or maybe Friday of last week I downloaded Cinema Casino. Under normal circustances I use a Mac to access the web, but as most downloaded casino software only supports Windows, I have had to use another PC. I prefer to use software other than no download flash.

Today I did a scan with Ad-Adware and found that Microgaming had what was identified as Malware on my system. I've taken screen shots from the findings of Ad-Aware both log file & graphic report and are attached.
After reading the Gambling Federation debarcle I though it best if I posted here and those with more experience could provide some further information about this and tell me if I should be concerned or not.
Hi oze_male,

Thank you for stumbling by and joining Casinomeister. :D As for the malware in MG downloads - it's nothing more than a cookie that remembers your account singn in details. This has been brought up several times here. Here is a thread from December:

Delte it and you'll have to manually enter your account number and password to enter the casino.
Thanks for the welcome and also for steering me in the right direction to find out more info about this. Promise my 3'rd post to your forum wont raise eyebrows :D

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