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Feb 22, 2001
Hot news -Microgaming has entered the mobile gambling field....

Press Release Source: Spin3

Spin3(TM) and Microgaming Launch GameWire(TM) - First Complete Mobile Casino System
Tuesday February 1



Spin3(TM) (www.spin3.com), the leading innovator in mobile casino systems, in partnership with Microgaming, the leading developer of e-gaming solutions, announces the launch of the first complete mobile casino system.

By utilizing the Spin3 wireless casino system, casino operators, mobile network providers and any company with an internet presence can now offer a trusted and secure mobile casino via a large selection of mobile phones and other wireless devices.

The Spin3 wireless casino system consists of six real-time networked casino games, including blackjack, roulette and scratch card. The Spin3 mobile casino system also includes a progressive jackpot slots game, Treasure Nile(TM). Players have the chance to win a continuously growing jackpot that starts at US$40,000, right from their mobile device.

"Industry analyst Juniper Research has forecast that the mobile gambling industry will reach US $16 billion in revenues by 2008," said Matti Zinder, CEO, Spin3. "We are ideally positioned to provide a complete casino system for any company wishing to compete successfully and capture a significant portion of this exploding market."

Microgaming's integrated gaming and casino management technology powers the graphics-rich, Java based mobile casino games via the GameWire(TM) server to form the Spin3 system.

The Spin3 mobile casino system, which is comprised of the GameWire(TM) suite of mobile play-for-real casino games and the SpinFone(TM) suite of pay per download casino games, is able to provide CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities giving customers player management, reporting, data analysis, promotion management and loyalty programme tools. In addition, player authentication, financial transactions and gaming activities within the system are protected by an array of highly advanced security measures that make up the patent-pending SpinLoc(TM) technology. This proprietary security and authentication system constitutes the most secure wireless gaming system available.

"By combining our gaming and casino management technology with graphic-rich games, advanced player management capabilities and reporting tools, customers can now benefit from a complete mobile casino that will set the standard worldwide," said Dion Hatton, Product Manager of Microgaming.

He added: "We chose Spin3 to market and distribute this product because of its extensive experience in the online casino industry."

For customers that prefer to distribute a non-gambling version of the wireless casino technology, Spin3 has created the SpinFone(TM) suite of interactive casino games. These applications, which are based on the same client-server architecture as those in GameWire(TM), are especially suited to be utilized as an acquisition, promotional and marketing tool with such features as a leader board, interactive communication capabilities and unique branding opportunities.

About Spin3 (www.spin3.com)

Spin3(TM) is responsible for the development and marketing of the leading wireless casino system worldwide which is comprised of the suite of GameWire(TM) and SpinFone(TM) casino applications. Spin3 has partnered with Microgaming, the leader in e-gaming systems, to provide the back-end and casino management system to complete its offering. Spin3 is a privately owned company.

About Microgaming (www.microgaming.com)

Established in 1994, Microgaming is a leading supplier of online gaming solutions. Microgaming's mission is to develop software and management systems that allow their operators to manage reliable, credible and profitable online gaming enterprises and to champion the interests of the player through fair play, transparency initiatives and the promotion of responsible gaming.
** Yay for technology... but i can already HEAR the issues "my child got hold of my phone""my mobile was stolen etc etc" i am wondering if they took that part of it in consideration. i am very keen on trying this out for myself! .......................poor hubby he'd have to work harder now! **

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