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Microgaming Bonuses - I don't get them!

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by KasinoKing, Oct 6, 2004.

    Oct 6, 2004
  1. KasinoKing

    KasinoKing WebMeister & Slotaholic.. CAG MM PABnonaccred webmeister

    House-Husband and Casino Advisor
    Bexhill on sea, England
    I dont mean I dont receive them I mean I dont understand them!

    I know a lot of people in, or closely connected to casinos read this forum, and I would love to hear some answers, or opinions on the following (from punters too!):-

    New Mr.Punter has a nice PC and lovely broadband access how cool! One day he clicks on a flashing link to a flashy Microgaming casino offering a flashy 100% sign up bonus! Wicked! :thumbsup:
    With his super broadband access he downloads, installs and registers a new account with Casino X in under 20 minutes. He deposits $100 and gets another $100 free super! So quick and easy too! He spends several hours having a great time even has a few nice wins! But sadly his luck runs out, and so does his credit.
    A week later he fancies another go and checks out Casino X again. He sees they are offering a 15% redeposit bonus, and thinks not a lot of that! Because, hes done some browsing and found hundreds of similar offers from other Casinos! So he spends 20 minutes downloading casino Y and does it all again!

    I dont know how many Microgaming casinos there are today got to be at least 100 right?
    So Mr.Punter could do the same thing every week for at least 2-years, but more likely indefinitely as there are always new ones opening up!

    So thats what I dont understand. Do punters really take up a sign-up bonus with an MG casino and then get so totally hooked that they become blind to all the other ones making the same offer?

    Whats the difference to the casino, between a new player & a returning player? I.e. Why give 100% bonus to new players, but not to returning existing customers? Surely a player is a player!

    This policy positively encourages bonus hunters theres little or no incentive to return to the same casino when you can sign up to an identical one in minutes and get double your money again!

    I just dont understand why MG casinos dont do more to encourage a regular returning customer base its got to be better for them look at Intercasino!

    Am I just being thick, or what? :confused: Answers please!
  2. Oct 6, 2004
  3. bethug

    bethug Banned User - Winner of the "<a href="http://www.c

    A few micro back casinos have given me suprize money, also right now i think micro is a better place to play than intercasino. black jack dont go on them 13 losing hand as of late. they have good loyal player bonus and comps at most
  4. Oct 6, 2004
  5. thetest32

    thetest32 Non-Gambler

    Thing is that Mr. Punter could win $1000 on his first spin. But because of WR he has to play it all back before he is allowed to cash out. This annoys Mr. Punter so after finding a casino where he was treated nicely by support, had a few nice wins etc. he decides that he wants to play and win. He sticks in $50 with no bonus and cashes out $100 with no problems - no email asking him to wager more or no bonuses removed from cash-in because they are sticky. Mr. Punter is a happy chappy so plays again. And again. And again.

    Moral to the story: to keep a player a casino has to offer more than nice games and decent bonuses. They have to have good games, fast cash outs, good support etc. This gets Mr. Punter to become a long term player instead of a one night stand kind of guy.



    PS. Mr. Punter then gets bonus money on his birthday etc. which makes him like his casino even more.

    PPS. Mr. Punter loses $1000s over his life time.
  6. Oct 6, 2004
  7. bethug

    bethug Banned User - Winner of the "<a href="http://www.c

    i am a loyal player, i play at least the same top 10 casinos every month,

    Intercasino is a good casino over all, i just dont like auto bonus.
  8. Oct 6, 2004
  9. Macgyver

    Macgyver Dormant account PABnononaccred

    North Carolina
    Or Mr. Punter could just become a "bonus whore" and hit up Casino Z, AA, BB, CC ... and so on, and so on.

    If Mr. Punter likes Microgaming software like you said, why not hit all of them up while he can? After he's done, then Mr. Punter can decide to either try new software or return to Casino X or Casino Y. :thumbsup:
  10. Oct 6, 2004
  11. Simmo!

    Simmo! Moderator Staff Member

    Web Dev.
    Did Mrs Punter authorise this?

    Totally agree. Some do offer returning bonuses: 32Red and Cooks (recently re-introduced it) spring to mind but you're absolutely right KK.

    And this is spot on too.

    IMHO, if i ran a casino, I'd take the stance that all the bonus is good for is to get someone to download and open a "real account". Period. The WR (generally, Ladbrokes excepted) is such you know they are more likely to lose and therefore will end on a "negative". I'd want my punter to receive an immediate "positive" to balance this out and get them back. Like instant access to my casino VIP club - or better still, a CD of their choice from Amazon maybe?!

    Every time they lose say $100 or more then they get a free Book or CD of their choice to a certain value. ("How To Beat The Casinos" being the obvious book choice!).

    You heard it here first - lol ;)

    Last edited: Oct 6, 2004
  12. Oct 6, 2004
  13. jpm

    jpm Dormant account

    Basically that is my online gaming resume. Been there done that. Took every bonus that was offered (well that were 1/2 way decent at least, which they were when I started years ago) and with few exceptions, I took the money and ran. There were so many to choose from and so many new ones popping up that it took a couple of years to go thru them all.

    Some kept offering money to come back every week or month, so I did as long as they'd let me (like windows casino, vegas strip group, cryptologics, etc). Some I had good luck at, so I'd return on occassion without bonus offers. Some had good contests, so I'd try them and won some $$ that way. Some I could never win at (Capt Cooks, Ruby Fortune, Spin Palace) even with a bonus, so I never went back no matter what they offered.

    Eventually it got too difficult keeping track of who owes me what to which payment method and many were now booting bonus whores or upping the w/r to ridiculous methods, or worse yet adjusting the s/w to recoup some losses. I decided to pare it down to only a couple of good casinos from each s/w vendor that I liked, stick to 1 or 2 payment methods (neteller and 1 or 2 visa/mc cards) for simplicity sake. Also to only take bonuses that were worth my bother (like 50%/15x or better with vp allowed) and stick to casinos that payout quickly and regularly, but that also treat me well if I have a problem or a losing streak.

    That made things much more enjoyable for my online gaming hobby and still making a few bucks here and there. Of course if a new casino pops up with a good bonus and a s/w that I like, I'll indulge (like I did recently at MonacoGold and hit a royal!). But I tend to stick with a small selection of casinos now.
  14. Oct 7, 2004
  15. Macgyver

    Macgyver Dormant account PABnononaccred

    North Carolina
    Birds of a feather, jpm. :cool:

    When I first started bonus whoring (heh, I love that term ;) ) a little over a year and a half ago, I decided that I was only going to use NETeller. I was lucky enough to hit some big wins early on (only playing flat-bet, perfect strategy BJ, mind you) and I've never had to fund my NETeller account from my bank account since.

    More like NETeller funds my bank account actually! :D

    I've tried all different kinds of software, though I tend to stay away from rogues that the 'Meister has indentified and ones at the other forum I work at. If memory serves, 50% is also the minimum bonus offer I've taken ... anything lower isn't worth my deposit, IMHO.

    And I have yet to touch a "sticky" bonus, even after 130 different casinos played ... :thumbsup:
  16. Oct 7, 2004
  17. DealerBusts

    DealerBusts Dormant account

    I definitely agree that signup bonuses are not the way to go when it comes to attracting and keeping players. However if the casinos keep sticking bonuses in our faces, its pretty hard to decline them :D

    I started playing about 3 years ago and i wish i had been playing before that (though it would have been impossible as i would have been underaged). I did take advantage of the bonuses then and they were still much better than they are now.

    A wise choice to avoid those sticky bonuses. They're not that bad but since it is usually Playtech casinos that tend to offer them, your chances of winning are greatly reduced (compared to other casino software platforms according to my records).
    btw i think i beat you with about 180 casinos played ;)

    I never actually did fund my neteller account. My first dollars came courtesy of club player (RTG) casino where i won $50 from a $25 no-deposit chip. Needless to say i never returned to make a deposit there (wouldn't recommend anyone to do so if the casino is still around) but appreciate them for starting my neteller bankroll off :)
  18. Oct 8, 2004
  19. sw2003

    sw2003 Dormant account

    somewhere :)

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