MEGAJACKS with 9/6


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Nov 19, 2004
I read about the Sky Kings Casino and since i wanted to try Blackjack Switch i made a deposit. Played a bit and then went to see the vdieo poker. Went to see the MEgaJacks and saw it payed 9/6.
The jackpot was little above 1500$. Now after less then an hour its above 2000$. Thats almost 102% return. Isnt this strange???
I dont have any experience with playtech. Is their video poker fair or acts like the ones at slotland?
Googled and saw the jackpot is among all playtech casinos. But do the other offer full pay Jacks or Better in the Megajacks paytable?
Well just saw that its 9/6 at all playtech casinos. It went over 2400$. Someone hit it. Looks like it starts around 300$.

LOL, i got excited with all these. Better go sleep. :p
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