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May 5, 2006
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Since the first time I saw the advertisement of the Xmen slot machines I was amazed from the magnificence of the idea.

They practically merged the concept of pinball with slot machines. Its great.

Cryptologic keeps amazing me, never the less I have never tried their software. :notworthy

Microgaming also has the Tomb Raider Slot machine I believe...

When is Playtech releasing a Dragon Ball slot machine? or RTG coming out with a American Idol Video poker? jajaja...

The point is that Cryptologic made an amazing move with this idea, even if the others follow the example, they will be ahead with the ideas....

Just a few minutes after reading that...

take a look what I found...

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The Watchdog

Since the first time I saw the advertisement of the Xmen slot machines I was amazed from the magnificence of the idea.

I would also have to agree with you on this one "The Watchdog." I suppose PlayTech or an RTG still has time to grab "DC Comics" (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, ect...), I know I would certainly be considering it. Even an independent comic company like "DarkHorse" (Aliens, Predator, Terminator, Robocop...) has enough titles that could translate into great games. Cryptologic has gone from my least favorite to quite possibly my favorite of all the software providers over the past several months. That's a giant leap!

The only thing I don't like about those MARVEL slots, is that it seems to take forever (each time I've played one of them) to get the bonus/feature. I also think they can sharpen the graphics on a couple of those games. I noticed that RTG upgraded the graphics on quite a few of their slots recently, and I can't see what's stopping the other software providers from doing the same thing.


The latest news on this is that Microgaming has just renewed the Lara Croft license, and they've also managed to sign up the Hitman character:


Gambling software developer re-licenses popular Lara Croft brand, and signs up for Hitman

Turnkey provider Microgaming was one of the first online gambling companies to harness a popular mainstream brand like Lara Croft of Tomb Raider to its games creative, providing players with one of the most popular slots ever. This week the company re-licensed the world famous animated adventuress together with a new license for Hitman.

The company announced it had renewed Lara Croft on an exclusive licensing deal with games creator Eidos Interactive, in addition to agreeing a brand new deal securing Hitman for development as video slot games.

The Tomb Raider agreement gives the gaming software provider exclusivity to continue to develop games for online and land based casino platforms, while the Hitman deal allows it to develop a new range of slots games based on the hugely successful computer game.

The extension to the current Lara Croft deal is testament to the success of the Tomb Raider Video Slot, launched by Microgaming in October 2004. The new agreement focuses on Tomb Raider: Legend, the seventh and most innovative Tomb Raider title in the series, which has recently reached the No.1 chart position in every major video gaming territory following its release in April this year.

Hitman is currently one of Eidos' best-selling games series', and features Agent 47, a ruthless assassin working for the ICA, who may also be making his big screen debut as Eidos has recently confirmed it has an option signed to a major Hollywood Studio for the feature film rights.

Roger Raatgever, CEO Microgaming said, "We are delighted to have extended and secured exclusive rights for two such fantastic names - Lara Croft, arguably the greatest action heroine of the last decade and Agent 47, undoubtedly set for massive mainstream success later this year.

"Microgaming is committed to providing its operators with state of the art games that not only feature rich graphics and excellent game play, but also some of the world's most famous action heroes too."

"The success Microgaming has had already achieved with Tomb Raider for video slot gaming made them the perfect choice for the Hitman series; it is an exciting relationship for Eidos." said Jane Cavanagh, Chief Executive, Eidos.
I saw that

Real good...

However is still the competition of a bright idea from cryptologic.

They might make Hello Kiity and Rainbow Bright slot machines; that cryptologic was the one with the BIG IDEA.

My respects to Cryptologic....

Of course every software provider will start trying to compete with that... however remember who were the ones with the MAIN IDEA...

Crypotologic :notworthy

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