MANSION / Pulled out of US also


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Mar 31, 2006
Jan. 30, 2007

Earlier today, The Management Team at Mansion unfortunately had to make the decision to block all US members from placing bets/playing poker on our site, we regret this move however for the immediate future all US members will no longer be able to login to the poker software or play on the Casino or Exchange, You may however still login to your Mansion account by going to the website at, when there you may access the cashier to withdraw your funds by bank wire transfer.

Not even an a common courtesy Email to the players informing them of account closures before the USA pullout.

I did get an email on Jan. 19, stating they were no longer accepting USA deposits, that was honorable of them.

Thanx for the $1000 / no risk bet MANSION.......The Poker Dome SUX.......Goodbye.

After I had heard of the pullout. I looked in my MANSION email folder at the email from Jan.19, where they stopped accepting player deposits.
I have got to applaud MANSION for that, all of my other past closed accounts accepted my $$$, right up till the account was closed.

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