LVBet withdrawal issues


LV BET Representative
Feb 13, 2018
Always a pleasure @snorky510238.

If I might just add something, with regards to points 4, and 5.

4. The due diligence form has to be printed off, filled in and returned. I, like a lot of people do not have a printer in my home. With the current COVID situation in the UK, I am doing my best to adhere to all the rules. Working from home and on Friday made sure I do not have to leave the house for 2 weeks. (Certainly don’t think a trip to print this off could be classed as essential).

Turns out it wasn't our Casino :) And just a bit of information from my side. We don't do printed forms. We appreciate that we're living in a more digital era these days. But like I've said many times before, each operator is doing it different. So I'm not one to judge.

5. That this has happened at the point of a withdrawal. Essentially holding me to ransom, to provide this information in order to receive payment. I have said it before and will say again that this never occurs at the point when you have a zero balance and are making a deposit, which is logically, when it should happen. Casumo were hauled over the coals for this type of behaviour and rightly so. I am seeing no difference here I’m afraid, bad practice imo.

As I've mentioned and proven in our private conversation, it seems our first email requesting documents didn't come through, or was deleted from your spam folder. And our second fell into the same trap of entering your spam folder. Luckily, we've sorted it out so no harm no foul.

As always everyone, if you need anything. I always appreciate a PM first before posting publicly but as long as we sort it out in the end, I've no reason to hide anything :)

Kind Regards,