LVbet withdraw time 72h+


Apr 19, 2023
So i thought the times where long withdrawal time was gone. Im used to swedish gambling sites that literally pays out in one second. Stumbled upon LVbet and was thinking What a cool site, deposited 35€ and happened to win a large amount. Started my withdrawal 08:30 today 19/4 2023. Lets see how long time i need to wait, support tells me up to 72h before they even process it. Imagine they need documents also… this is a Pretty bad result for an online casino in 2023. Anyway i liked the odds and live casino so that is a plus atleast but come on..
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It might take 72 hours in the case it is the first withdrawal, depending on how long it takes to verify the documents. As discussed in private the team should fit in the given timeframe. For already verified players this process is faster but the first withdrawal time can take longer due to the verification mainly.

Thank you,
Okay so now it stands as completed 27h later. That is pretty ok but now i need to send documents to verify my account to play further. And i guess the money should be visible in a day or so, depending on my bank i guess.
Yeah well we can see LVbet still does the same. Ive had withdrawal for 30 hours now going. Literally every other casino gives instant or in 12hours and these guys cant even process one small withdrawal in 30 hours. Atleast im not going to play them no more.
LVbet - recipient of Best Customer Support 2019 at Casinomeister

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