Dormant account
Dec 14, 2003
I built my winnings up to $5800 and now my account is deactivated and Directnetpay has locked my account. I have no access to any of the $5800. No emails are answered. Don't give them your money. Robert Hamilton is a cheater! Email me or post if you want more info..
Sorry to hear about your misfortune in selecting this group to gamble with, dlbryce.

Unfortunately these and other operations using Wager 21 software are among the worst thieves and robbers on the 'Net and they have screwed over many a player using the tactics you describe.

The archives here and on other quality portals all have horror stories about these bums and their related sites like Goldbetting and Largo.
dlbryce - you should have done your homework . There have been strong warnings against this family of casinos for more than a year.
Thanks for the sympathy, but all my winnings were built with Mr. Hamilton's money. I actually came out $4,000 ahead (cash in hand). They may be scum, but I'm still financing XMAS with their money. I just don't want anyone to lose their own money with these A$$holes. Good luck.
Hi dlbryce,

And welcome to the forum. Too bad you didn't do a google search for LUCKYDOG SPORTS. You would have pulled up the "rogue" page on them.

This group of casinos is probably the most dispicable group that is out there. They are in the lead for the "Worst Casino Group 2003" award which will be given out next month. They have stolen images and game names from IGT (the world's largest slot machine developer - like no one would notice - duhh). When they got caught, they made an amaturish attempt to cover up the "crime" by changing the names of most of the games they had lifted. There are still a few remnants - Texas Tea for example.

Nevertheless, this is an example of their business ethics; they have none. And even if they change the names of all of their games and even their casinos, it is still the same individuals behind the curtain playing their little parlor tricks.

Thanks for bringing this up since I have a number of complaints that have come in since "Mr. Hamilton" threatened to sue me last month. I need to update the rogue section!

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