Long-running script error - Help!


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This started yesterday when I tried to open this site, it just kept running and running. Most of the forum page would open but the 'Latest Forum Posts/latest blogs' wouldn't.

Then I would get a message at the bottom of the page "casinomeister.com is taking too long to open because of a long-running script". If I click on the X to stop it running then all will open.

When I try to open up threads, I get the same error.

Only happens at CM. I've cleaned my computer cache and it didn't help. Any suggestions?


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Windows 7 and the latest IE version. It just started doing it yesterday. It's like there is something running in the background on CM that's keeping it from opening right.

Facebook, emails etc. working just fine.


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No idea if this is related or not, but for me the site is very slow loading and navigating... for about 2 days... regardless of the time of day. (I expect it to be slow when I'm in here at 5 a.m. -- forum backups and such I think). I've been blaming it on my ISP and this abysmal rainy weather...

That's on win7/ie9 ... Lemme check Chrome.... Chrome (as is par for the course) seems much faster, and no great lag when going from one part of the forum to another.

Hmmm... wonder if there's a recent win update that's slowing things down in the IE browser?

Edited to add: Just now as I came to this page I got ye old 'Internet Explorer has stopped working' and something about reloading this tab....
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I havent experienced this problem at casinomeister.
However, I had a "long-running script error" at twoplustwo forums last week.

There the problem seemed to be caused by facebook integration or sites where adds were linked to from the forums.
The fix for users (as described in an about the Forums thread) was to add facebook.net or the other sites that could cause the problem to 'restricted sites' in the 'security settings' under the options for Internet Explorer.

This might be something similar.